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I can't finish this mission.Please help me Rollar coaster error

You need a extinction roller coaster building, once it’s built, place decorations near it until the % cross 5% then click on it.


I don’t know where to find it

It should be there in the market, buildings section

Your problem maybe that you’re not high enough level (forgot which level extinction coaster is unlocked at) in that case see which level you unlock it at by swiping through the market until you find it.

If you aren’t high enough level then you can’t complete the mission until, you reach that level and buy it or get lucky and find it in a mystery pack

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I tried to find it in the store but there is no item named roller coast . Is this a bug?

Make sure the bottom says all structures or buildings. You may be on decorations only.


Thanks you. I realized my phone was faulty

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