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I can't get Dr veil on my fhrist account

Hi why when I hit on the dr veil one it says vp I have vp its on my second account please fix so it shows up on my fhrist account as well why is it do this when I click on it on fhrist account it says I already have it so why is my vp only showing up on my second account please fix this so I can get Dr veil on fhrist account as well thank you

Hey there, Christie_Legresley. VIP members will get access to “Hot Picks” profiles, which will then be introduced to non-VIP members shortly.

If you’re having issues with your VIP subscription on your account, please contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you.


Hi I been giving you my information you need to fix some on my fhrist account but no one has gotten back to me at all please do so I can get it fix and buy for my fhrist account too

I’m sorry to hear that you have not received a reply from our team yet, Christie_Legresley! If you had sent an email in, could you please check the spam/junk folder in your email and see if a reply from our team might have ended up there?

If there isn’t an email in your spam folder, please refrain from updating your message until our team replies as it could reset your position in our team’s queue.