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I can't get the game to play

Game was working fine 30minutes ago now it just stops at loading page

Now it’s saying log in to Facebook which I have done


Is there no one out there?

I have the same problem!!!
I wrote the issue to support team of J.W., but so far there is no response from them

Can Any mods help?

Same here, loading screen stuck on 17/26.

While being outside to hunt, it wasn’t working. Out of frustration I returned home, just to find the game working again. A Sunday ruined, because I don’t have confidence in the game anymore.

At Least you can still play, I’m stuck

Hey guys, this still happening?

I’m victim to this now. Guess I’ll check back in in the morning.

Guess I’m not the only one with this now. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that did not work

Yes j.c it’s still happening

Yeah I done that with no joy

Thank you!

Happening to me as well

Smh… why… just why???


I am connected to Facebook… Only problem I’ve got now is I don’t know my key thingy… I know my username and # number… I’ve opened up a new account and messaged ludia as I don’t have email anymore

Holy crap this is happening to everyone? I actually thought I was the only one who was going through this :cold_sweat:

Conflicted in wondering if I should be happy or mad about this. In any case, I’m not very happy about it. Is there any clue in why this is happening?

You are not alone. The problem still reproduce :C