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I cant help my frustration

Dont get me wrong I like Lovelink and some of the more recent new content but is it really necessary to bring back Jonathan/Albert again when there’s characters that havent been updated in months or at all


I agree. It is the same with Skylar - he keeps coming back for little dribbles of content, it’s like what’s the point!?! I think they have their fave storylines and it doesn’t matter what we, as the paying players want :sob::sob: its a poor show Ludia!

Skylar I dont mind since he’s probably the only guy character I actually like outside of William, Seth and Wyatt

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And now Jin Mae/Liam is back :smirk:

Jonathan/Albert seem to be quite popular, at least on IG. I have to admit that I don’t really get the appeal. The war-related flirting kind of weirds me out. I guess they prioritize their biggest earners. I’m out of luck waiting for my unpopular favorites to return.

Austin/Damien, Jon/Albert, Liam/Min Jae, Skylar and his counterpart are the most popular characters so yep, they bring them back more regularly cause there is a louder call for them, especially from people who had been waiting more than 6 months for any kind of update. Jon’s my fave so I happy dance whenever he’s back :rofl:

I know how frustrating it is waiting for characters to return though, literally some will have not been updatedin a year while some of the unavailable characters have been that way since game release.

So many improvements could be made.

I dont mind Skylar and Damien but I’ve been waiting it seems forever for Sage, Jasmin, Samantha, William, Seth, Daniel, Blake and also Felicia, Fei, Pamela, Kelsey, Capt Muffin

So I am frustrated and barely been playing except for diamonds and only Skylar/Dahlia

Oh I totally get it, I’ve been frustrated with this game since last September and I only check it after I check the Facebook groups to see who is back or what character is available on Wednesday and Friday otherwise I barely even bother now.

I literally feel sorry for anyone that only plays the female characters though, they get updates hardly ever. I’d love for Blake, William and Capt Muffin to come back! I’m waiting for Kelsey, Pamela and Fei as well :heart_eyes: and Matthias, Ash, Brett, and Chase

they kept doing that with Rose/Dahlia. gray and back gray and back gray and back
Im more frustrated that the focus is back on the male characters.
@fletchers_birds youre right. i only match the women and i am getting beyond upset about it. it feels like lovelink just doesnt care about the players who prefer female only. they say they do but i am not seeing it.