I cant log in and you guys dont answer support emails

Hei Ludia i recently got some issues in game i havent been able to log into my park and i dont know what to do i have tried everything possible and came to the conflussion that there is something wrong with my account i cant log into multiple of my devices i have tried on i have the latest software for everything and i dont know what to do

I have tried reaching out to help on you guyses support email but no one answers its been over 4 days now and i would like to play again soon thanks for understanding

You guys need to fix this problem soon i really want to play this game but its hard to enjoy it if everything it glitche and dosent work half og the time

(sorry for my bad grammer)

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Hey Rasmus_Poulsen, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting into the game and the delay from our support team. Could you confirm that you had contacted our support team on this email support+forums@ludia.com? If you did contact them on that email address, our team will try to get back to you as soon as they can. However, make sure you don’t send in another reply before they get a chance to respond because it could reset your position in their queue. I hope our team will be able to get you back into the game soon!

Hei Ned as you can see here in the picture i belive i send it to the rigth support Email but unfortanetly i have send more then one email to you guys and i am really sorry about that i dident know that it vould change my place in line

But i just have a few qustions i migth can get answered on some theryos i have

Can you get banned or suspended in this game?

I know the game is super glitchy rigth and i hope you guys are doing everything you can to help people with the ongoing tournament but i hope you guys can help me soon

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Hello people. Newer wanted to write anythink here, but it seams i have no other choice. Since the new update adding the code 19 i am unable to play. The game crushes after like 5 seconds of loading screen. I can not do anythink. I have send several messages to the ludia support. And none of them was anwsered.
Is anybpdy having the similar problem? If yes please coment and show Ludia that there is a problem. Code 19, aquatic and cenozoic hybrids. All lf that is great (code 19 maby not but i still think that this mechanic has a petential). But when it compleatly destroys the game for some players there has to be something done about that

I can confirm i have the exact same problem as you youre not alone!

Since last friday i havent been able to log into the game and it is espaccily anoying since i dident have the Erypos i to have tried contacting Ludia support but it has been more than 4 days since i send an email to their support about my problem

I just hope they can fix this problem soon since to be tottaly honest with you its really starting to get annoying

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How long can it take the support team to anwser? I cannot play for eight days and it starts to be quite anoying. Allso if i finally get my acount back is there any chance of some kind of recompence? I mean now in the game my main gole is to farm s-dna and i am unable to do it. Normaly i do nearly every s-dna mission and after one or maby even two weeks it will be quite a loss.