I cant log on Stuck on 9/26

Please help, I can’t log on to my game JWA the weel of death is stuck on 9/26 I’ve been trying all day.


Oh I feel you sometimes… tried to reset the game a ton of times and more and yet nothing, it’s very unfortunate. Are you in a place with a strong connection?

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Do all the stupid stuff they tell you. Log out. Clear the game cache. Force stop. Reboot your phone. If possible, connect to wi-fi and if that don’t work, go back to phone data.

I have a mini sprint booster tower in my home and sometimes, I have trouble with data through that thing so I connect to my home wi-fi and then back to my phone data. I have less problems if my phone connects directly to a real tower miles away.

I got this booster tower for free and it stays free so long as I have it plugged in because neighbors can connect through it. I unplugged it because of the lousy data pass through and got a message they were going to charge me for it as they could tell it wasn’t powered. It’s just that thing messes with this game. I’ll unplug it momentarily sometimes so my phone connects directly to a real tower and then plug it back in.

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The things you have to do to play this game. I’ve never had a game as finicky as this one. I keep losing connection so I clear cache, force stop, etc, etc. It will clear it up for awhile but then start acting up later that day. I swear Ludias servers are on a fault line or on top of a volcano somewhere. I’ve never played a game that the connection is so spotty like this one…

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The only thing that has fixed it for me is rebooting the phone. ALLLLL of the other things fail 100% of the time once it gets stuck at 9, even un & reinstalling the app.

I uninstalled , reinstalled it and still does not work. Help lydia please thank you

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I’ve tried everything cant log on please help

Hey Carmen_Reyes1, could you please try force closing the game and then relaunching to see if that helps? Also, try restarting your internet connection as well.