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I can't play more

I can’t start the game, it comes out every time I try with any device. I leave a screenshot of the moment when the game closes. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it

Are you using Apple ID?

If so try this:

If this is the problem you need to contact support as something is wrong with your Apple ID.


Has it just started to happen or has it been doing this for a while? If it just started to happen I would just wait a while and then come back. Should fix itself.

I don’t use Apple ID, I have android. It started happening last night, after trying to buy some packs that were on sale, every time I tried, the game closed, opened it and tried again, but it happened again. Until the game didn’t start anymore. I don’t see why it should solve itself.

Which packs were you trying to buy? That might be helpful information to support?


I don’t remember, but it was one that had a limit of 5 purchases only. If I could see the ones I was in, I could surely know, I am guided by the image of the packages

The only ones I have that have a limit of five are the ones that cost real money, I would reach out to support if you are a player that is shelling out $100 a pack I am sure they will want to get your game back up and running quickly.

Unless players at lower levels have different packs available which might also be the case, for me only packs that cost resources have a limit of 1.


I don’t know, I didn’t buy anything, but it was the idea to do it

Seemed like you were buying packs?

Yes, trying! But the game crashes…

Hi @Axel_Britzius do you have enough storage on your devices? I think you’ll need up >1gb free for smooth gaming, since ocassionally it downloads too much data on my tablet (1 gb free) whereas it hasn’t downloaded any since months on my phone (5+ gb free).

Yes, I have enough free storage space, about 10gb approximately. Also, I have tried it on several devices and all are the same

Your best bet is to reach out to support with your support key and a description of what you were doing at the time of the issue starting and then wait for them to assist. Unfortunately it will mean waiting for a week or more but if it is an issue on their side they will fix it, but it will take time.

I had imagined it, but how can I do it if I cannot access the game?

same here… like your screenshot i cant play and everytime i try always force close

Hey @Axel_Britzius,
Thank you for writing detailed steps about your issue.
Seems like this bug has been affecting some other players as well.

I’ve forwarded your little walkthrough to our dev team so that they can have a look at it for a fix.
In the meantime, you can contact Support at :slight_smile:

How can I reach Support?

Question(s) still not answered? Then please email us your questions at . Answers are usually delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday). However, depending on game updates or unforeseen circumstances there may be additional delays in our response to you.

@Daven beat me to it.

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That’s just one little win versus your millionth win towards helping the Dino Trainers community! :wink:

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@Daven help me too… i have same problem here… i cant play :frowning:

I was trying to figure out how to quote the forum from outside of the thread and decided just to copy and paste, that’s what I get for trying to be fancy.