I cant see alliance messages

Ah kk thanks, wasn’t 100% sure. I just remembered making an alliance that day and it was wrecked even then lol.

Still 12 months for a pretty drastic and constantly occurring bug is a very unreasonable long time to not be fixed.

Any type of fix for this because it’s been 11 hours and it still isn’t working. Requests says 18hr before another chance, I haven’t requested today!

I got a feeling they are fixing it but keep adding new bugs. It is still bugged but new kinda of bug. Like the chat is less buggy but now is inconsistent. I dun think they can solve it due to no one being able to fix the problem quickly.

I think the paint itself is on fire. Even by doing the basics they can burn something.

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Yeah could be the case, ive not seen it in a while so obviously couldn’t say. I did log in like a month or 2 ago to chat to my old alliance and it was pretty bad lol, couldn’t say if it was the original bug still there, or a new version of the bug since ive left.

Probably both lol

Lmao lol, like with the survey…even that was broken for many (worked for me though so, go figure lol).

Chat messages are showing, but no requests, also can’t make requests.
It’s not crashing the game for me though.

November actually. 14 months.

Sad that alliance was so forgettable that it took the missions to register as a feature.

Still can’t get into my alliance chat going on day 2. I’m on an android LG stylo 3. Will i be reimbursed the anky dna I’m missing every day from our 2 level 20 sanctuary’s and the 500 bary gen 2 and 500 erlik gen 2 dna from each day?

Best analogy yet.

Thanks for that!

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I click chat, and it is blank or showing things out of order, so I restart the game and click chat. More issues so I restart again. Sometimes I restart 3-4 times before I can use chat. And sometimes when I try to scroll the chat it moves around and will not scroll down. Restart again then the requests don’t show. This also happens if i click another tab then go back to chat…have to restart the game 2x to see it or for it to not be mixed up. This has been a problem for a while.

We reported a glitch that allowed you to collect unlimited coins from supply drops, that glitch was fixed within hours.

They ignore anything that doesn’t affect profit, without realizing how many have left the game.

The CEO isn’t a genius, he’s an utter fool. This game HAD the potential to be very similar if not better than PoGo in popularity and sales. Instead it’s at #285 top grossing, beaten out by Taptap Heroes, cooking fever and Warriors of waterdeep.

It never had the potential of PoGo. Its too PTW and too much PVP. PoGo doesnt require you to do a single PVP battle to enjoy the game.

Sure it has potential, but PoGo was there first so got all the buzz. And people care more about pokemon than about dinosaurs.
There are lots of ways to monetize this game, but they seem to ignore all the possibilities. They only focus on boosts, the one thing that no one wants. It’s just stupid beyond words.


You are free to have your own opinion. It is only an opinion, not fact.

In your argument for, you use the current form of the game to prove your point… which is just odd.

I think we all agree it had the potential to be far greater than in it’s current form.

Nah I meant when it first came out. PoGo literally doesnt need coins for anything. Not that you could farm them.

JWA is pretty much a PTW game from the start. Just that it got much worse in 1.7.onwards.

JWA would have beaten PoGo if it forgoed the PVP aspect and made it a catch em all. PoGo lasted this long because its very easy to play and very cheap.to play. No need to gym if you dun wanna. Boring over long periods compared to JWA but its free.

A lot of people want boosts. Without boosts these people who be still whining about the top 100 being too OP and uncatchable.

I wanted to give boosts a chance. But… we know what happened.

Name three.


Topic derailed.