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I cant see alliance messages

Same here. Motorola Moto G5.

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I’m having the same issue my game freezes when i hit the alliance tab. I have an lg stylo 3 and the problem started this morning

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Me too. Every time I touch the Alliance button the game freezes then the screen goes black. It crashes from that moment on and I have to restart the app. This has only been happening to me since around 2pm(GMT) today(13th), about the sametime as the weekly alliance missions finished. I have a Moto E5 plus. Thanks.


A mi también me pasa desde las 19:00 hora española.
Xperia Z3 compact

Same issue here. Running Android on a Moto G6 on 4G LTE. Been happening all day. Different than any other chat issues. If I press the alliance button on the lower right, game locks up every time. Rebooting, clearing cache, etc. doesn’t help. I have not yet tried wifi as don’t have any wifi available currently that allows the game to work. All was fine as late as of last night.

I even tried clearing the Android partition cache as I thought it was my phone at first, but that didn’t work either.

If it helps, I have also noticed that the daily/alliance mission screen loading is considerably slower than normal as well.

Translated from Spanish

It also happens to me since 19:00 Spanish time.

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Same here, cannot connect my alliance at all, all things work otherwise. Just nothing involving the alliance button.

Look everyone… chat across this new thing called the internet is brand new… this is cutting edge stuff here… There will be bugs…

This message courtesy of 1988…



Yep this is a new bug, making the already full of bugs alliance chat and donations even worse than normal.

No one in our alliance has been able to request or donate dna for hours and hours now.


Okay? And bugs should be fixed anyway

Point was chat has happened on the internet since 1988. Actually before, with mutt, but irc started in 1988… that in this day and age, ludia cannot make a functional chat, is nothing but pure incompetence from their dev staff.


I get Alliance chat bugs but seriously I would like to use the sanctuarys

So, I’ve gotten home and am now in wifi. I can now get into the alliance section but only to learn that the DNA request issue is occurring with my alliance as well. Like others, I have about 23 hours until I can request it even I have not even been able to get into the alliance section today until just now.

How about some status updates, Ludia?

Any news on if there shall be a fix out there? I rather not get kicked out of my alleince because of a bug!

As if it wasn’t infuriating enough, even when I play anyway, I constantly forget about the freaking glitch and as it’s customary I end up clicking on the chat menu and freezing the damn game :triumph:

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Mine got fixed after a couple hours but I almost lost the daily DNA because of it. Maybe check to see if it works

The alliance chat bug has existed since the day alliances came out, like what 14 months ago?

Ludia refuses to fix it, see they wont earn any extra money doing so, so they don’t bother.

They also just keep quiet about it because then everyone just assumes its being worked on and shuts up lol.

I shall continue harping on about the broken alliance chat though each chance I get, that way they cant turn around and say they didnt know about it.

I actually made a video message to Ludia months and months ago about it, but they didnt even acknowledge it so meh, guess they just don’t care.

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Just remember to keep on reporting till they get some many reports on it, that they are buried in bug reports.

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Maybe they figure, why paint a house thats on fire lol


Alliance chat was 12 months ago. It came out in Feb last year. I remembered because it was the LNY period

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