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I can't stop laughing at Ingrid/Franz

This is becoming so unfair now, I still can’t match with Ingrid ( have swiped like someone possessed to no avail each time I see her) and haven’t seen Franz once in my pile.

What I did was subscribe to VIP match with Ingrid and canceled right after

Same. Even talked to support like they asked me, and they were absolutely no help. Asked for my support code, said they’d look into it and no word still. Been a week.

There’s no good reason why we can’t match with them.

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I had the same problem until I did what I did

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I did the VIP just so I can get franz and I swear I’ve only ever seen Ingrid. I did that about 3 weeks ago. Im so upset about it especially after I spent my money JUST to get him. Ugh.
How do I talk to support about it? I might as well try even though you said they weren’t much help

This is what worked for me- (because I’m too cheap to sign up for vip again)

Swipe like you usually do until the match that you are trying to match with appears in your list. Don’t swipe. Let them sit there for however long you have left on your timer…. Wait for your timer to expire completely. Once your timer is over swipe on the match that you’ve been waiting for and viola! It should :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: Work

Go to help and click on the icon on the top right

I told you ingrid/franz were amazing! I love them so much!

But now there are gone temporarily

I LOVE them. One of my favorite matches so far

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