I Can't Thank You Enough, Ludia!


Ludia Team,

Any and all of you, I cannot thank you enough. This game has become everything I hoped for in a matter of months. The icing on this beautiful cake is the cheater purge you’re about to do. I am so excited for this. I cannot contain my gratefulness. I have been stuck at 3,900 medals, only to meet a cheater and drop back to 3,800s. I cannot wait to watch the leader-board get wiped clean so honest players can have their rightful shot at top 500.

Expect a nice purchase from me in the coming weeks. My way of saying thank you for all that you’ve done ad all that you’re doing.

And finally, to those who are cheating and claim that they’re “bored” of the game all of a sudden and are leaving… PEACE OUT. JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED.

Anyone a part of this discord channel deserves a nice ban. https://discordapp.com/invite/68PP3pg

The entire thing revolves around sharing coordinates, spoofing, hack downloads and more. They even posted a message that they think your threat is just a scare tactic. I can’t wait for you to prove them wrong!!

Before anyone questions how I know all this, I joined it thinking it was an actual community of players sharing tactics and a possible strike coordination channel. I never left the channel after discovering its intended use. I can now say I am happily no longer apart of the channel.

Happy LEGIT hunting everyone, and thank you again Ludia!!!


the cheaters are the 5000 trophies, not 3800 trophies. You probably won’t see any change.


Not true. I watched a cheater climb from 3,500 up to, 4038 where he currently is. The recent players list is a beautiful thing. I fought him twice and lost both times, dropping my rank. He is top 500 at 4,038.


Couldn’t agree more, it’s about time, my poor tricera did his best and still kept getting wasted by a cheater, and I knew they were a spoofer as like others have said I battled the same individual 4 times in the space of 20 mins and each time my poor babies lost making them feel such Losers I assured them of course it wasn’t their fault and they battled as hard as they could but ya know sometimes it’s hard to console dinosaurs they just take it personal :wink: My poor T Rex who’s been fighting his best since I unlocked him from such a dark place took it hard after he lost twice to a silly lvl 9 utah raptor that I had to coax him out of his cage with a whole fresh cow, I’m sure he’ll be OK in a few days but he really did take it hard bless his little arms :wink:.

So yes this move is a very much welcome improvement and now we can’t wait for much better quality battles with fair players see you in the battlegrounds x