I can't wait to T20 HP this

It’ll probably make even the smaximas shudder when they’ll see it in the future. T1 HP at the moment though.


:+1: just taken mine to Level 28 1/1/0 - not suitable for the team at the moment but a project for the future; it was immense in the at level tournament.


Mine teams up well with some of my team members. Especially with Kapro if the first opponent is an erlidom that went for rampage while I rampaged back 1st turn.

I use Tryko and Diora at the moment to swap in absorb a hit and kill with the counter - Carno performs that role well too

I use Tarkus too. I was sceptical at first, but now she’s a mainstay on my team. It takes a while to learn the most reliable move order for each opponent, plus boosts need to be factored in for Erlidoms, but once you get that part down, she’s really fun to use.
I’ve taken down all manner of creature with mine.

That’s actually not a bad idea, considering that it also has long protection and instant distraction to help it survive longer.

She even prepares Thors for my Erlidom if Erlidom’s faster than the Thor, lol.

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