I choose to quit the tourament

After floating between 4300-4600 for over a week, I think it’s time to stop grinding and take a rest.

I’m not risking going down again!


Same for me! Just passed the bottom mark and it was a struggle to say the least!

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I wish I had stored all the 12h and 24h incubators and open them now!

With the tournaments near the end I am like a squirrel :chipmunk: saving my nuts :peanuts: for the winter!

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Don’t fret there will probably be another epic strike tomorrow or Saturday

Me too…
Sitting at 4799 trophies since yesterday and saw rank drop from 384 to 414.

I have a friend who’s been steady at right about 500 for a couple days at the same trophy count tho.
I think/hope it’s just a shift of the same people going up and down…