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I cleared expert level trial


Brontolasmus is level 16, with tier 1 attack boost (818 attack).
Is this normal? Was this expert level trial too easy?


The truth, I managed to win with a marsupial lion at level 15



That family are generally just really bad in PvP (I said generally)

I beat the trial with my Level 21 unboosted Entelolania! :turtle::fist:

(The Paramoloch was quite a pain, but I beat it!)

I used brachi lvl 18,Had 2.3k hp left.

they really should give hadrosaurs like a decelerating counter or resilent counter so they can atleast do something in pvp.

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As long as it’s not a direct-damage counter that would steal attack buffs from heals that would be nice

the AI sucks and makes those hadrosaurs heal themselves even tho they’re full health, of course then the strike tower becomes too easy

that would be awesome, i’m thinking about like a crit buffing counter-attack that imo would fit perfectly, but i’d also like any other counter as long as it helps hadros not being a poop