I could go crazy


Get out of the map screen, go to pvp for a min then return to the map. The dino will load before the tower and you can select it just before the tower loads

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Go to your collection, view something you have, go back to map and click the sino before the strike event comes up(gotta be fast) dinos load before towers and strikes.

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I posted before your tower could spawn

Ok I trye…

They really need to remove these concrete bases anyway.

We can tell its a strike tower by the incubator attatched to the pole…from all the way across the map even.

So there really is no point in having these big, ugly, dino eating mistakes in the game.

Been an ongoing issue for months now. I think they are either unable to fix it or just dont care.


Thanks you very much guys, i success :+1:


Meh, probably the latter.

Popular hiding spot I guess…

I didn’t know about that trick, will try next time!