I could just scream


I finally make it to level 20 and get ready to do the one time offer and make the purchase. At that particular moment the fraud dept for my credit union auto flagged the transaction and stopped it. I get a phone call right away and answered all their questions and they released my card, but it was too late.

I get the cute little pop up box letting me know there was an issue with completing the transaction so it’s gone now FOREVER. I needed that purchase to be able to level up my Dino’s for the tournament, but not now.

Ludia you really need to make those offers valid for so many xx hours for when crap like this happens. And yes I did send in a request with my support key, but it won’t do any good. At least the glitch saved me $50 and screw the tourney now. Less stress for me.


You scream, I scream we all scream for ice cream. Oh wait…


This is so sad :disappointed: sorry for your loss! At level 20 you’re not even going to get another chance!!

Yea Ludia will just say ‘tough’… similar happened to me and they said nothing they can do…



Dealing with ludia is like dealing with some sketchy drug dealer lol


At least the drug dealer will give you something in return. Doing a comparison between the drug dealer and ludia is an insult to the dealer. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Same thing happened to me!! My phone went dead the moment I pressed the buy button. By the time I managed to restart the phone and login again the app said transaction cancelled!! I wrote to Ludia and they said these one time offers are random (what random?? I got the same offer everything I advanced a level!) and they cannot push the offer out again. What a joke!


Sorry to hear that, I was furious when it happened to me right after I got my new phone which didn’t have my credit card number stored. And yes, sadly, no second chances.

Maybe there’ll be a discount on coins in the store soon… but don’t forget, you can still do well in the tournament. A lot depends on luck/RNG!