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I could not believe it, but it has been confirmed

Really what Ludia has done with this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

They make a mistake on Monday 12 with the changes in the Ailliance rewards… Nothing happens, we all make mistakes (although as many as Ludia is difficult). The advantage is that the error is not a problem because it has no effect on the game. Ludia has 7 full days to put the right reward. It is a change less, it is a minimal change, it is a ridiculous change, it is a change that a 16-year-old programmer with a minimum of experience can do in 5 minutes with a blindfold … but no, Lúdia is not able To do it in 7 days.

I could not believe it came today and Ludia could not solve this problem, but when you think that nothing can surprise you anymore, surprise you again.

They’d already updated the original announcement days ago to say that nothing could be done and why. Not a great reason but for once they did communicate.

Should have read this: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Reward Change Delay (08/12 - 08/26)

I’ve been out without access to the forum. I will try to find the reason but it is very difficult for me to understand that there is a cause for not being able to solve a trivial error in 7 days.
What I know is that many people have addressed Ludia and the answer has always been “We can’t do anything” without explaining the reason
If the rewards had been distributed I understand that it would be difficult to solve it, that is, now it is very difficult to solve the issue, but until an hour ago it was very easy …
The only thing I hope is that, at least, almost all the alliances have received the garbage reward from last week instead of the exciting reward of it for not creating a great decompensation.

In my specific case I am especially upset. More than a month ago there was an error in purchases from Android, a purchase that I had made to buy the 100 speed boosts that were put on sale that day. After more than a month fighting with them I had to leave. I lost 100 speed boosts and with it many places in all present and future tournaments. They made a mistake and were never able to fix it. They made the mistake and I pay it since then and in the future.

I have read that post several times. I read that “they can’t solve a trivial problem” but I don’t read any explanation of “why they can’t do it” having 7 days to do it.

Simply not enough time due to exciting things - I didn’t say it was a good explanation …

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A full week was not enough time to put a line of code that said “All alliances will receive the X prize.” Awesome :).

But hey, I don’t want to get angry anymore, I guess I should remember that it’s just a game.

For my part closed thread.

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