I created a dragon tier list. Help me make it better!


Great job! Seems like you put a lot of effort into this.

I went ahead and liked your YouTube Video and subscribed to your channel. I love to see detailed stat info.

There are 4 different levels of damage: Low, Normal, High and Critical.
Low damage occurs when hitting with a weaker color. High and Critical hits occur when hitting with a dominant color. You can see the Levels because the damage appears in different sized text and different colored text.


So, there should be 5 different Alpha killer teams one for each color. As a general rule you want to use two of the dominant color and forgoe the weaker color when fighting an Alpha. For example, 2 green and no red when fighting Bewilderbeast. Of course, Shellfire is currently broken so pretty much any team can do crazy damage to that Alpha.


I didn’t even think of that. Color matchups completely skipped my mind. :smiley:
Do you need healers on higher levels with the alphas? You seem to have some experience here.

Nice work, @DanOfDragons!

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