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I call it Mr. Zodiac :grin:

How many did you manage to find this week? I only found two last Monday. :frowning:

Tell you what though - nodopato, posti, bary, and raja were out like crazy though.

4, they were all from today as well :smiley:
1 from a rare scent capsule

Well, I’ll be out later to find some anky, so maybe I’ll get lucky, but still too far away to make it, only 70/250. I had high hopes for this week, too. I should have known better.

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I caught 8 of those today! :smiley:

Two on the way home from work. Hopefully more (to go with all the raja I found this week!) later when I go get my daily coin limit. I have a dioraja just aching to get to L30.

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