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I’d like to thank Dracorex2

Call it cheating, call it an exploit but I am finally ranked and a big part of due to that gorgeous swap in


Well done … and naysay the nerfers … reworded to satisfy the filters …

Grats thats great!!!

Even if it gets nurfed I’ve got a tuora that is begging to come play

I just brought Dioraja on my team last night to handle draco 2 and stop the abuse


Ive been debating that. How’s it working for you?

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Its cool so far. I could only get it to level 25 so i ended up swapping out my Indo for it since it was the same level. Luckily i had it every time someone brought in d2 last night so i was able to pin it and stop them from abusing it. It also got me 1 or 2 wins by swapping it in when someone was about to do rampage/impact and run with very little health at the end of the match.

Out of likes again ugh…

Great!! Id love to see some gameplay :slight_smile: im a ways out

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The dracorex2 nerf will be coming…Ludia just setting the bait now. They are every where right now. Ludia hoping we catch lots, spend lots to power up, then boom…nerf to nothing

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I’ll probably put together a video tonight for Dioraja. I’ll probably edit the video of our battle first though because i wanna get that one up soon.

Im excited to see that one!!

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Even with the nerf coming it sure is fun to use haha

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Absolutely disgusting. Can’t wait for its nerf.

Nerf! Read the text


it’s a fake :rofl:

This thread is going to take an interesting turn real soon :joy:

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Look for yourself

Lol they did change it

Didn’t have to wait long

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All the coins spent on leveling it up should be distributed to everyone who kept it below l20, at the time of the nerf. I would laugh.

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