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I’d love to see


Peoples reactions when I finish the match with a dracorex Gen 2. :smiley:

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I’d love to see your reaction when your Draco Gen 2 doesn’t do the job and it’s trashed. :smiley:


Happens often and I just laugh. After all it’s just a game but I can only imagine some people get livid angry hahahaha.

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Lol, actually I don’t mind if it’s the end of the match… What annoys me and many others is when opponent keeps swapping in and out.


My reaction is almost no reaction at all because i don’t look at it like a real loss. Just cheapness. It makes me more anxious for the next match so i can (hopefully) face a real opponent.


My reaction is basically incredulity that you can only win matches with a cheap common and no skill. Usually it comes when the match is 2v2 and what you’re saying is you can’t win based on skill so you have to pull a card out of your sleeve. But I also ignore all friend requests if they have it in their lineups too…


just imagine our reactions when we see your posts from now on!


Sometimes when it‘s late it happens I gotta battle the same dude again with Dracorex in his draw…sweet taste of revenge every time…

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But mostly…


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Honestly DracoG2 doesn’t even pull its weight. I use it for the meme and all you people that have some sort of superiority complex for not using it.


Just had my revenge moment. I had lvl 19 Tryostronix, lvl 15 Dracorex Gen 2, lvl 18 Diloranosaur and lvl 18 Monostego.
Opponent used lvl 18 Dracorex Gen 2, lvl 17 Spinotah, lvl 18 Monostegotops.

Killed my Dilorano and Tryo with Spinotah and Dracorex, I killed Dracorex with my Monostego then and opponent took Stego. Then I gambled: I made enough damage with stun and slow, but then instead of nullify I used normal strike to make opponent believe I‘d be not smart enough so that he wouldn‘t swap out.

It worked. He rampaged after my normal strike and I swapped my Dracorex Gen 2 in and finished Stegodeus.

What a wonderful feeling. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

He used his Draco two times to finish me and in the end, he seemed to think he would‘ve won. But then I showed hin that I also had a Draco lol.


This is my favorite part about using drac2!!! I love the pause to select the next Dino after you drac em. Fully imagine my opponent going berserk! Makes the bugs and flaws in game so worth it!!! I love finishing a match with him also rubbing it in with its little cheesy dance is so good!!


I’ll have to agree with @TheMaxx

I don’t care too much when I lose to someone with a Draco G2.

It’s like someone who:
Bowls a strike with the guard rails up
Bikes a tour with training wheels
Draws a masterpiece using tracing paper …
(I could go on :sweat_smile:)

Did you win? Technically …
does it really mean anything?
Guess that’s up to the person who needs to use a Draco :man_shrugging:t4:

I am really excited for when it gets a 2-turn lockdown tho…
that should separate the wheat from the chaff :sunglasses:


Actually it’s more annoying that and indo evade six times than be defeated by draco


I see Draco as a suïcide dino, I only use it in the last turn with no way out. But I did have fun when I faced a Indoraptor lvl 23 against my lvl 18 dinos and I toke him out and won the match.


@Hersh I took mine out since our last battle. I like my tuora so much more. It’s great to have for epic towers when you might be screwed though.


You’ve got a good team bro.
you’re not the type of player that needs it.


I don’t rage with Draco users and I don’t believe most players do, unless he/she’s a child or immature person. But it is in fact a cheesy strategy that fortunately won’t last, at least not with the same effectiveness… And I certainly don’t have a superiority complex for not using it. The only reason I don’t go there is because I don’t want to spend my precious coins in something that won’t last.

That being said, for all of those Draco2 users who improved their trophy count thanks to it, mind your step on your way down when it gets nerfed! :joy:


Another payback moment…opponent went careless and paid for.