I decided to redownload after at least half a year and... I missed SO much

In case anyone who’s still here from when I stalked the forums forgot (as the title says, it’s been a while) I decided to quit probably mid-summer last year, possibly even longer than that, because I decided I couldn’t handle the pvp arena and liked my phone too much. Earlier today, I decided on a whim to check out the download page in the Google Play store, hoping I could come back to this game. I never had any real intentions to leave permanently, I just wanted to get away from all the bs in the arena and quit for a long time, hoping that maybe someday Ludia would decide to focus more on the making the game less frustrating. And BOY was I not disappointed!

I saw in the what’s new section something about a new addition to a campaign mode. I left shortly after sanctuaries were datamined, so I naturally had no idea there even WAS a campaign mode. I redownloaded the game to check it out, and it looks like Ludia is at least taking a step in the right direction! I know a lot of people had issues with the arena when I left, especially considering it was, at the time, the only way to get a ton of DNA quickly, except for maybe strike towers. I’m loving this new campaign mode so far, and a lot of the hybrids I missed out on are really cool, too!

I even noticed they had Gen 2s of Indominus and Indoraptor, something I was talking to my best friend about before I quit! I’m just glad I can potentially get back into this game. I’ve really missed it. Especially my favorite hybrids, Bendy (Purutaurus), my oh so loved Christmas Ostrich (Procerathomimus), and the Lava Wyvern (Alankylsaurus).


Apatosaurus is STILL op!! :slight_smile:


Wait. They still haven’t needed that thing?

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nope lol, still got that powerful pinning strike


Feels good to be back.

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I mean, we’ve got trials coming soon and potential future teasers for 1.13 too

Ooh. That sounds interesting. I haven’t checked out the arena yet, for… Obvious reasons. lol Has it gotten any better, or is the Rat still king? Or, queen, as it were. lol

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rat got nerfed so it now does 40% of the opponent’s max hp not counting armor or shields. (swap-in savagery.) Now this doesn’t mean its really bad, It still can be used as a finisher or as a dino to deal enough damage to set up another

Hey, maybe now I’ll go out my way to create it! I was firmly in the camp against using it, simply because of how often I was losing to the thing.

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It may get a hybrid too :slight_smile:

I momentarily forgot it wasn’t already a superhyrid… lol

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Welcome back and oh boy you missed alot.
But arena is still a mess and still not worth to play.


I’m glad there’s someone else who appreciates Purutaurus as much as I do… mine is level 28 and I love his new no escape ability! Not everyone knows he’s a croc hybrid… nice surpise! Rats are his speciality :wink:

Welcome back to an awesome game!

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Welcome back! You have certainly missed a lot.

Welcome back! :t_rex::sauropod:

Welcome back!
You didn’t miss a thing.

Welcome back:
So to be your guide in a few lines…

-Arena is still a mess:Gamepress decide to create a new tier:high tyrant which get all ridiculously OP monsters which are somehow same than Thor 1.7. (gemini/indoG2:ardentis/smilo)
-Ludia have decided to develop the campaign and exploration thing which is not so bad
-Sanctuaries have been buffed
-Ludia since a few patchs decided to release only exclusives epics which is boring
-We got baryonyx as a daily reward…
-We have some good additions as epic scent or some surprise at some weekly schedules.
-Thor is bad now as is draco
-Proceratomimus is strong,he got a huge nerf as everything immune
-Campaign are a really nice addition,you will enjoy it
-Take care of indoG2,that thing wreck everything in the arena right now

Welcome back for now~

The arena is still a bit of a hot mess but PvE is great so far. Soon, we will be getting more PvE options so that’s something to get excited about if you like battling but dislike arena

@shining Oh, man! Not Thor! What did they do to her? D: