I Demand My Arena Points Back


3 times now when I get close to arena 4 the game glitches in the fight.
This latest had a cheater win again for it.

First fight half way through the game stopped letting me input attacks and I lost my first Dino.

Second fight I brought out my second Dino and actions were restored till I beat my opponents Dinosaur then my opponent brought out their second. It died fast. Then my opponent brought out their 3rd. I swapped to my 3rd before my 2nd died.

The 3rd came up like this.

My opponents dinosaur disappeared and I wasn’t allowed to see anything or perform attacks. Just watch the stupid count down timer flip through till my dinosaur was replaced with another till the same thing.


I lost twice in one battle session and lost points for both. Something needs done about this ridiculousness.


Clear your cache and try again. Worst case uninstall n re dl it


Sounds and looks like you may have had an internet connection issue. I highly doubt your opponent was cheating .


Not a single response from ludia. as usual.