I demand to have more than 1 chance to capture the indominus rex and the indoraptor

1 chance will never be enough for us ludia please make it happen more chances to capture them

Lol good luck demanding anything form Ludia. You can’t even get anything by asking nicely.


That’s the point. They want to tease you into continuing to play the game. Why would they make a unique dino easy to obtain? Everyone would have them right from the beginning.

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Exactly. Wouldn’t hold my breath for them to concede to any requests from players. Smh.

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They wont even give you a second chance to give them money… like one time offers.


You’re not right. Being consistent in your demands and asking things politely actually works with Ludia. At least for me and my particular case.
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If you level up your Vraptor and Trex to lvl 20. Like the rest of us did. You can have lots of chances to capture Indom.

Edit its only lvl 15. Oh they were the days before Indo raptor.


This all day long. ^^^^^

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I remember my first ever event weekend had indoraptor in it. I had no idea if id be able to unlock her but I was lucky to dart 19 DNA of her as a level 1. :joy:


@Alex_Dhir: Lucky you!! I think it was my first couple of days in the game and I managed to get 4 DNA then :stuck_out_tongue:
After first dart it started running like crazy!! I didn’t even know that it was 1 attempt for whole event.

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Man, one chance at darting indo is awesome. That could mean up to 100 fusing or more saved.


I demand a lvl 30 Tryk on my doorstep by NOON! Otherwise the diplotator gets it!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But seriously, grind him out the way the rest of us had to.

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I demand to know why you believe it should be handed to you on a platter rather than early like everyone else?