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I did (do) like gigascents

I am not sure when they started because I just came back to JWA days ago, but those gigascents and darts for coins were awesome. That was quite enjoyable (if not a little to long). I would love to see this again and other things that focus on getting to hunt easier, even if only as specials and not a constant change. Like cheap darts and gigascents once a month would be amazing.

I think Ludia did us right on this. So thanks for that Ludia.

I wonder though if scents can ever be made with a counter instead of a timer…there could still be a time restriction between each spawn, but the spawn would not occur until the player was ready.


I may be in the minority here but three hours is way too long of a time investment. I would like to see them about an hour with guaranteed duel spawns.


They were good for the duration of the virus epidemic but they aren’t needed outside of that. Like @RelicHunter09 says, three hours is just too long. Even during the last three months I have only used three or four of them. An hour long one would be good though as an occasional reward.


Yeah I mentioned they were a bit to long. I do feel it has its place outside of the pandemic though, again, as a limited once a month type thing that coincides with cheap darts. Its just a safer and better use of time. I live in the country where many roads are somewhat private and people fly down the dirt roads and there are no sidewalks. I end up having to drive to hunt things which I don’t like and is dangerous, or risk disgruntled land owners shooing me away with threatening stares. Being able to play an extended period of time walking my own property was a refreshing change.

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Yeah it was long for sure. A shorter period or like I mentioned, a counter vs a total time restraint would make it even better.

I always wish I could hit “skip” or something doing any scent. It was great to have them during these trying times for sure!

I dropped at least 2 gigas per day! Even if I only intended on hunting for a few minutes, a giga was my choice scent. Then I’d just check in on it every now and then but there’s not much reason to watch your screen for the entire 3 hours.

Are some of you no longer receiving them? That’s the impression I get from some of the posts in this thread. I still get one every day, but I never use them so it’s wasted.

I also still have the VIP distance. It still says “656 feet” as the game loads…

…which translates to 1 1/2 city blocks in my neighborhood.

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Yea I’m confused as well. I’m still getting them…

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I still don’t see how 3h on something that is absolutely free, 3 times a day, can be too long… You could basically only use 10 minutes of it, it’s still a free scent… So if you start 3 per day, that’s 30 minutes of dual spawn for free… Heck, if you do 10 minutes every 50 minutes, that 30 minutes per scent, so 1H30 of FREE scent. Not sure why you would want them shorter!

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3hour ones can be awesome, especially when going for walks, you pop one up and there’s a bit more things to catch for whole walk. convenient.

I think its more of the mentality of it. If there are dinos, I want to dart them…so I feel compelled to use up as much of that 3 hour time as I can darting. But, that is a large chunk of the day to wait for new spawns every few minutes. It would be nice to be able to hit a button when I am ready for the next one. However, I do agree that since they are free, they really do not need to be shorter.

Yeah I am still getting them. Was not sure at the time if they would continue.

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