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I did it! (Dinodex finished)

Dinodex completed!

image image

Shame it’ll last like a week


You need 10 Skoona dna and that kinda sucks ngl. Great work anyways! :smiley:

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Well, was here to give a big congrats cuz of the title… was expecting to see the xxx/xxx.
but I was tricked… but congrats on nearly completing it! Would be an utter nightmare if ludia drops an update w/ new creatures before you get it lol


I actually forgot to take a picture of when I unlocked it, but I did actually get the need Sonorrasaurus DNA from my alliance and I unlocked it like 5 minutes before I posted this thread :rofl:

I actually did complete it. Forgot to take a picture of when I unlocked Skoonasaurus, but I did take a pic of the 245/245


Oh, well congratulations!!!


Before you get it what?

Congrats. im only 1 away myself.

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I was saying it would be a shame if ludia decided to drop an update with new creatures before Persianking got the skoona hybrid there

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ah ok, I thought that you win some prizes

oh yeah no that sadly doesn’t happen, that would be cool tho, would maybe be an achievement like “complete the dinodex 1 time” but I am not sure how the rewards would work though…

Probably would have to be a title or a badge. as it continuously gets harder with each update

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yeah that sounds like the best option

I completed mine last Monday. Just in time for 2.7 to release new creatures!

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welcome to the club !

did mine on 31 march

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