I did it during 5 minutes haha


And 5 min after xd


What determines the highest rank if you all have the same amount of trophies?

Gratz on that number one!


I think the number of victorys, cause 5 min after 14 guys up rank and i went to 15


It’s most likely account creation date. The ones at the top created their accounts first. Everyone gets rank 1 when they go from 49xx to 5000, it’s not something special for 1 person. I’ve done countless battles at 5000 and my spot is always roughly the same though a player that achieves 5000 recently may go below or above me


From the title, I thought this thread was going in a totally different direction.


Congrats. I sort of remember, did you say you dropped $3K? Curious of the cost to get up there.


Yes didnt count the money but i think 2k,3k is what i wasted also grinded a lot, i get my scooter and run slowly all my city, todsy for example i grinded like 10 hours xd.
I know my team isnt for being real top, but im proud i did it 100% legit


You actually beat the game yo. Congrats.