I did it finally!


I get to Sorna Marshes with this team:

Still waiting, when I found myself from Lockdown!


You’re going to get destroyed in arena 7 with that team 🤷 not very high level at all - your dinos. You really want them all to be lvl 22-25 in order to be able to really do anything in this arena.


Thats not true, actually you will be fine mostly. But atm you will get max at 3100_3200 rank beyond that you will be facing legendary and indoraptor who will indeed destroy you. Perhaps when ppl with higher lvl are bored of farming lower arenas we might be kicked out again though


I’m now, 3359🏆 with this team.
Never paid a euro to play the game.
Started 1’5 months ago.
Just 20 DNA more, to get Indominus Rex.


I was at around 2,950 at one point. Needed 2 victories to get over 3,000. Each time I went over 2,970 I lost. A total of 19 times I lost. Was at 2,998 and 2,999 during the process.

Finally won and got over 3,000. Then won immediately 2 more times to get 2 of those incubators.

But it wouldn’t last and I dropped down to 1,200 on purpose. Enjoyed the challenge and strategy of winning battles at that level by using commons like Iguana, Deinosaurus, nundasuchas, etc. one thing I did do was include a level 18 Einiosuchus in reserve. It always got chosen but I never used it unless I got a bully using a level 14 or better Raptor. That was fun when I lost 2 and pulled it out after a Strike and Run.


A bully using lvl 14 raptor? Why are they a bully?


That’s not true - I don’t have a single dinosaur over level 18 (most of mine are around 15) and I’ve been around 3500 trophies for ages now. It’s what you do with what you have, not what you have alone. I’m regularly beating teams of legendaries and dinosaurs 22+ because I know how to strategise whereas a lot of people who do have legendaries expect that fact alone to sail them through a match. Don’t try to discourage other people who are doing well with lower level dinosaurs than you have.


Just had a pretty intense Match … pulled 3x Raptors and Indominus … he had his V-Raptor and tried to wipe me with Raptor-Swap-Strat.

But my Indominus really did a good job … his Cloak dodged my opponents attacks 6x times (haha, 6x 50% chance … was fun … kinda using Indominus-Swap to counter his Raptor/Tanks).

[me: Delta/P-Raptor/U-Raptor/Indominus]
[opponent: V-Raptor/Allosaurus/Stegodeus/Nodopatosaurus]