I Did It! I Drew The Raptor Squad!

Has anyone ever done this?

I believe this should give you some epic invincibility power every two turns.

I mean to draw all four is just incredible!

Has anyone else done this? I just did it in the tournament.

There should be like buffs if a dino is in a team with another dino
like increase attack 25% (for whole round)
so like if you draw a dino and its gen 2
or a whole raptor pack


Maybe they could add synergies if/when they ever add pvp team battles


they have
regular pvp
team of 4 dinos?
if u lucky-draw 2 dinos with a synergy bonus, you get the bonus in-battle
it appears in same place where other buffs and negatives appear

Maybe it could be for using dinos in the same family, because otherwise it would be really redundant to run two very similar dinos. Like if it’s 2v2, and you’re using two ankylosaurs, each of their shields are 50% more effective or something. Each family/creatures sharing the same model could have a unique synergy buff.

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but that would be too common
how about this

Tyranno and its G2= dmg increase by 50%
Velo, Tyrant,Indom= Crit increase by 25%
Velo,Tyrant,Indom,indoraptor: Crit Increase by 50%
Nodo,Apato,Nodpatotitan: Armor increase by 10%
that sort of stuff
a hybrid and its components
a g2 and its g1
Canon bundles (raptor pack)

That seems too arbitrary and complicated though. At least each family already has a “thing” that defines them, so there’s an obvious stat/move/effect to buff for each of them. Besides, sometimes there’s already a benefit to bringing out, for example, Velociraptor and T Rex together because they cover a lot of options between the two of them, so they wouldn’t need any help.

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No… I just meant this should be a super rare exclusive power just for them. It would also boost their value.

I just thought you had hit on a neat idea, and was figuring out ways to expand it.

But think if you just made it expansive then it takes away from this uniqueness and how rare it would be. To draw the entire Raptor Squad. That’s amazing. But it should basically mean a guaranteed win and we can’t just give out that type of power.

Also this is one of those things that helps veer away from the current shifting meta rotation. If this happened along with my plans for the game where the system becomes the meta it would be the best state of the game ever.

I just don’t see why the raptors deserve special treatment. Besides, unless the bonus was deceleration immunity, they’ll still get destroyed by group decelerating rampage.

Also, if it IS a guaranteed win for one team and one team only, that sounds like the most imbalanced meta in the history of the game.


It would be coded in for it to become very very rare. It would be unlikely to such a degree where not everyone would risk running it, but it would still be doable. Say out of trying in an entire week I could reasonably draw them twice a week. Maybe more maybe less.

But I mean a complete power up for them all where they literally gain invincibility every other turn to every ability and all damage.

In a Raid this would also be the case.

I suppose there is only about a 1.5% chance of drawing all four to your team on any given battle. But when the chance is that low, what’s the point? It would be a neat Easter egg I guess, but if you didn’t get the bonus running that many raptors on your team would make you lose a LOT. A bonus that activated more frequently but wasn’t as powerful sounds more fun and impactful to me.

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Well then make it 22.7 percent.

I should clarify again, if I had my way and the actual system became the meta this would not be an issue in the game at all for it to draw as normally as any other combination.

I didn’t pull that 1.5% out of nowhere though, that IS the odds of just getting all four of owens raptors on your team for any given battle (nice luck!). I’m not sure how you could change that without changing how your team is drawn from your eight possible team dinos.

Actually 4/8 * 3/7 * 2/6 * 1/5 is roughly 0.017857, it could happen to any of the four raptors so you multiply it by 4 which is roughly 0.071. Very low odds

You lost me after 4/8, but I believe you because I have actively tried for months in the past and got it first try in the tournament on a fluke. Never in Arena though.

It would be guaranteed in strike events. Just saying.



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Easy fix. If you use the Raptor Squad in a Strike Tower you get mutated statistics to make it harder on you or you are not allowed to use them unless it’s the highest level difficulty Epic Strike Tower and or you are simply not allowed to use them at all in Strike Towers.