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I did it

I couldn’t help it. I absolutely love this dinosaur. My lineup isn’t that strong, but I’ll just build on it from


@Ludinator15 sammmmeeee! For just this once, I didn’t care about unbalanced PvE but just went for it lol. But I kept him in level 6

The cool down is a nightmare on him.

I Rex is like a 7 hour cool down, which I thought was pretty good.

The cooldowns only go waaaaaay up from here.


Yeah I gathered that. I think that’s one thing wrong with this game. Cool downs should never be so long.

Gen 2 I rex (which I have) is even longer. Maxed Pachygalosaurus has a 6 day, 3 hour and 56 min cooldown.

Congratulations! This is one of those milestone creatures. I was going to mention that you shouldn’t feed it to level 10 if your line up isn’t strong and then I looked at the screenshot :exploding_head:

Lol alll good though! Build up. Have fun and enjoy that new dino!!!


I have 2 Indominus Rexes at level 10 and each are a wonderful blessing to my line up.

You will not regret it,I got mine when I was level 57,I did not regret it. It’s a wonderful Dino,but also quite expensive.

Same here, I don’t regret having a lvl 8 indominus rex gen 2, even though it takes forever to cool down and unbalances the pvE. But in the end it’s really worth it.

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I think the only thing that will unbalance my team right now will be a creature with 1700+ health and 700+ attack. I do not even know why I am thinking this.

Well.Uh … Yeah

I should see to it that within next month, I am above level 65 ‘cas I also need them shinin’ Gen 2 creatures lol. My friend once showed me the maxed Gen 2 Indominus on his hacked version of the game, and I fell in love with it.

Ya, the gen 2 is really good however the lvl 10 has very similar pattern as the lvl 40 indominus gen 2 ( except those yellow and white stripes)
I love it’s eating animation😍


JWA has only the yellow stripes,other than the black ones, the creature description in JWA states that the yellow stripes are actually white,but when Indominus Rex Gen 2 receives a adrenaline rush during hunt,they turn Yellow.