I did not get my stigy reward

Dear support :
After the January season has finished I did not receive my stigymoloch reward. Is there any reason for that?
Thanks for your support

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Neither did I. :angry:

They said that they had to end the Season early due to errors. They also said that people will get their rewards in the coming weeks.


Thanks Sean! If that is the case now i understand. Thanks for your answer, I was totally puzzled, left scratching my head after having fought hard all the way through the season.

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They also made a post about this. It’s called PvP Seasonal


More information can be found here as well: [NEWS] Jurassic World Alive | PvP Seasonal (January 31, 2020)

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I just got mine!

Got mine but got only 1250 DNA with 4600+ trophies!
@Ned Shouldn’t it have been 3300 DNA for 4500+ ?

Hey BadiBasso,

Thanks, my bad…

Got my worthless reward!

Still have not received my reward… finished at 5210 trophies and a reward of 2250 DNA was supposed to come my way. My Stiggy still sits at 228 right now instead of 2478…

Looks like they fixed it. I battled again on my second account and received my rewards, and my main account rewards showed up on my first battle.

Can I have your stygi? I didn’t mean to do a 100 fuse on my paramoloch…