I did the raptor even and didnt get any raptors lol


I did the newest raptor event and it didn’t even give me any. How about you?


Got nothing do you get rewards at the event end?


A raptor incubator with no raptors in it


I am lucky then! These my prizes for the raptor gold strike event:

I don’t know if it is related, but I won every white / blue strike event so far, even if the Dna gained was not so great, but coins are always welcome. :wink:
Maybe this is my time to buy an incubator from the store and cross my finger to see if there will be someting useful? :star_struck:


No I did that one. It was a ragular raptor event. Not that one. I got those too in that one. This was for normal raptors and got no normal raptors from it.


And another raptor event with no regular raptors. Stupid


Thats interesting, it doesn’t guarantee regular velociraptors. It just has a pic of raptors on the front.

Maybe you have at a shot at any of the creatures that were ones you faced in the event? Not sure.


The incubator reward, like every other incub from Ludia, give an advice of what it CAN be in the incub, not what it is inside for sure. So if you win these strike events you will get a chance of getting these v-raptor Dna. The guaranteed things are below the incub icon, and you will get these for sure.


Yup, don’t be confused by the picture, it means it’s a raptor based incubator, and it was true, you got Delta which is a raptor, and also tany which is very similar. There’s never a guarantee you’ll get a velociraptor.


Welp now I know. Still dumb imo