I did the unthinkable


I bought a $10,000 premium incubator…wanna see how it turned out? You can probably guess :exploding_head::triumph::dizzy_face:


I guess…lot of Koolasuchus.:cry:


Oh wow…sorry man. :confused:


At least it was majority mono…: could’ve been much worse!


That hurts a bit ouch :anguished: your 620 reminds me of my 2 I got :joy:


Ouch! Then starting off with all those 10s!


basically exactly what i would have expected.
kind of like the strike events today… not 1 single usuable DNA :joy: :sob:

had the 13,000 commons been galimimus that would have been nice.


600 out of 900, that’s considered super lucky in this game :joy: But all those other Gen 2s … :sob:


Thats an impressive amount of unuseable dna… like the price of two triple a console games nets you a whole bunch of crap. They have mastered the “how to kill off repeat sales in one purchase or less” strategy.


Honestly, I couldnt bring myself to spent it but you got a lot of galli and mono DNA… If I had enough Tapjoy money saved I would have to think about it


yeah ludia is inexplicably more in favor of a rip someone off once to make a buck and not caring that that drives them away from ever spending anymore money, rather than give them something for their money to earn a repeat customer.

which is why games like clash royale will continue making $5,000,000 per day and ludia is probably sitting at $50,000


:wink: @CleverBoy


You do realize clash royale averaged 1.5 million daily for the month of august alone… clash royale made 80 million in its first month… like this game is healthy and all but its not even in the same league as clash as far being a revenue creator. And while people will continue to play it there not gonna buy incubators after experiences like the OP.

A incubator that is labeled as a premium incubator
Should have premium dna… their is nothing premium about 13k dilophosaurus gen 2… throwing junk in the freebie battle incubators is one thing… but at the prices their charging for epic and premium incubators… they need to consist of hybrid component dna… and irritator gen 2 should also be excluded.

If they were to make common incubators that were like 3-4k dna and of one kind they could sell them for 10 bucks and sell them all day… id pay 10 bucks right now for 3–4k para dna… not only would people buy them to complete fuses… theyd be happy with their purchase and do it again.

When someone pays 80 bucks for an incubator thats advertised to be say 17k dna… and less then 3k of said dna is usable…and the op was lucky to get thw mono… he have gotten all koolo dna


Mono was the only saving Grace.


With mono being in witness protection these days. That was useful but I have way more Galli than I need.


whatever… so JWA makes as much in a month as clash royale does in a day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



All I am saying is it is making quite a bit more than what it first was stated in this topic. Clash has a way better for profit system than Ludia in regards to in-game purchases.


Part of there better in game profit system is theyve done a very good job of making the vast majority of cards playable. Clan Wars adds on to this by making leveling your collection an advantage. I used a deck with bomb tower at 4k+ well before its most recent buff.

With this game there are so many unplayable dinos who have no hybrids the chances of you buying an incubator that has 0 impact on your overall progression is much higher in this game. Even a legendary kings chest type incubator would be nice… doesnt even have to include legendary dna.


I agree. Hopefully they will learn before a vast population drop.


what’s really sad is the epic strike event this weekend gives you the exact same DNA, just less of it. i actually got more monomimus (like 5000) from mine.