I didn’t get my incubator that was offered for levelling up


I got to level 11 this am and was offered a incubator with a lot of coins and other stuff And it was a insane offer like I mean great I went to add money and went back to game and the screen reloaded not only that I didn’t get my incubator for reaching level 11 that included epic DNA and rare DNA like a lot more the. Normal plus around 50,000 coins and other perks and common DNA can inplease get this I’m a massive player on this game I’m devoted and on this forum a lot and well known through out the game please give me my incubator and the rest that was offered . Fix the bug where your game refreshes when you go to another window to load money ect

My days ruined I was so excited to finally get one

Can you please give me the incubator you would make my day and faith in support. Gamename is DinoLord of course

Thanks jurassic world alive support please help me!!

Anyone else please support me by liking this or responding



Hey dinolord, I am sorry to hear that you had missed the One-Time offer. I can understand how frustrating that can be.

A reason why you may have missed the Special Offer is because you might not have had a valid method of payment connected to your store account.

This is because you will need to leave the game in order to add a valid method of payment to your store. When you leave the game while a Special Offer is available, that Special Offer will disappear. We recommend that our players have a valid method of payment ready so that they can take advantage of the next Special Offer that appears.

If you have any issues with this, please feel free to contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com. It will be very helpful if you could also provide them with your Support Key.


But I didn’t close the window it just auto refreshed that’s annoying ohh well looks like my loss lol


I haven’t had any LV Up offers since … Level 3 (and am Level 7 now).


I got the lvl 5 offer and the same thing happened. Happened over a week ago with no ingame response except from a bot. They were sure quick to take the money, but still have not received what I paid for


What is “Support Key”?
Where can i get this?


Hey CsassultTKO, your Support Key is an 8 letter code that can be found at the bottom of the opening loading screen. You can also find your Support Key on the bottom left corner by going into the in-game player profile, settings menu.

Please remember, do not post your Support Key on the forums or share it with anyone but our support agents.

I hope this helps!


Your one time offer is very hard to complete because password is not always in hand and the offer is gone when touch back. Very sad.