I didn't battle during the entire tournament because I was reset above 4750 and decided to just take those rewards

But now that it’s over, time to get absolutely demolished back down to Lockwood/Ruins!

Anyone wonder if your rewards should be based on your highest position? I would’ve played if that were the case.


Sane here. Didnt fight a single match but mine was more of a boycott rather then just wanting a reward.

Looks like I will get a reward anyway though :roll_eyes:

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If you were already above 4750 post reset, wonder why didn’t u think of putting a bit more effort and trying to reach 5000 or top 500 (5029 trophies)! You could have received far better rewards for free!
Assuming you would be having a far better team since you came to 4750 trophies after reset!

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Because I don’t have a top 500 team anymore, a top 500 team is full of meta legendaries and uniques at level 24-27. I’d rather take the guaranteed “good” rewards than the highly improbable chance of “better” rewards.

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How do these rewards compare to all of the arena incs you did not open?


Considering the tournament was shorter than usual and my reward for this tier is an Epic incubator, not much of a loss.

You get an epic incubator every 15 days through battles. And also about twice as much epic DNA from 8hs.

Tournament was what, 10 days IIRC? Yeah, you lost a lot more than you gained.

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I don’t see it that way. I likely missed out on a lot of crap DNA like Echo, Charlie, etc and I missed out on the headache of battling tryhards looking to climb for hours to get a 15-minute incubator.

I hate the tournaments in their current format so I’ll gladly take the free Epic incubator and a week free of RNG stress.


I mean yeah, obviously if you don’t like battling then just don’t. But I don’t see what the tournament has to do with that.

Every tournament so far has reset the playerbase. This means that stronger people who don’t belong in lower arenas have to spend time there to climb back up. The fact that I cannot concede these battles and have to sit through them for the duration of the tournament makes me really not enjoy these battles.

I know they have plans to change up the format, but because this one was shorter and I was already getting an Epic incubator, I didn’t think it was worth the hassle to go on losing streaks.


Reply was too long, basically I hate fighting people who don’t belong in lower arenas after reset because I can’t concede and have to deal with them until they climb their way out.


So, you bypassed about 20 8-hr Incubators, 14 battle incubators, 14 15-minute Incubators, probably a 12-hr incubator, and about 50,000 battle and incubator coins so that you could guarantee an Epic incubator which you may have got anyway or better?

It would take 4 Epic Incubators to exceed what you passed up.

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Did I say it was efficient? No

Did I enjoy my week without having to battle players with full level 26 teams of uniques? Yes

Do I still get an Epic incubator for doing absolutely nothing? Yes


But will you actually get an incubator? Yes, you were re-set, but since you didn’t technically participate you might not actually get anything…

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I stopped playing for about four days so I didn’t fall under 4500 and I was bored out my mind

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I think you missed the point all together. He wasn’t garanteed anything that you just mentioned.

He already stated that he was thrust into a much higher level bracket and could not competete at that level as peeps had much higher level dinos then him.

So if he was gonna get rolled, how do you expect he was gonna be opening all these fictional incubators?


I remember since the start of this season it has been written that you need to at least play certain number of battles or you won’t be awarded.

Here is the announcement page: [PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]

Nowhere in that announcement does it require you to play a battle after reset to be entered into the tournament. If that ends up being the case I will reach out to support. Could you imagine Legomin not getting a reward for his trophy count if he were away from the game for this mini-tourney?

Show me: [PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]

I think it would only be fair. You didn’t battle, so you shouldn’t get a reward. I don’t care who it is.