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I didn't battle during the entire tournament because I was reset above 4750 and decided to just take those rewards

But will you actually get an incubator? Yes, you were re-set, but since you didn’t technically participate you might not actually get anything…

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I stopped playing for about four days so I didn’t fall under 4500 and I was bored out my mind

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I think you missed the point all together. He wasn’t garanteed anything that you just mentioned.

He already stated that he was thrust into a much higher level bracket and could not competete at that level as peeps had much higher level dinos then him.

So if he was gonna get rolled, how do you expect he was gonna be opening all these fictional incubators?


I remember since the start of this season it has been written that you need to at least play certain number of battles or you won’t be awarded.

Here is the announcement page: [PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]

Nowhere in that announcement does it require you to play a battle after reset to be entered into the tournament. If that ends up being the case I will reach out to support. Could you imagine Legomin not getting a reward for his trophy count if he were away from the game for this mini-tourney?

Show me: [PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]

I think it would only be fair. You didn’t battle, so you shouldn’t get a reward. I don’t care who it is.


Well I think spoofers should all be permabanned but we see how that’s turning out.

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i like turtles.


Me too they make soup!

then what you have is a turtle chef - cherish him!

He also makes a great cake!

He dropped to 4,750 because he was at 5,500 before reset. Higher than me, probably because I only have 1 Unique. Glad I managed a top 500 though.

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Turtle cake? Ummm no, just no. :drooling_face:

What was the trophy counts for top 500?

Pretty much hit the nail on the head.

The lowest I’m seeing is 5022, #499 has a team of legendaries and uniques from 24-28. Yeah, I wouldn’t have been able to climb.


tactical move on your part dude… as long as you had fun doing whatever, it doesn’t matter. You gotta do you… after all this is just a game…
and I’m sure there are plenty more tournaments coming.

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Sounds like my team and I’m in top 100 :sweat_smile:

Well he did battle extremely hard until he reached a point when the reset happened he didn’t need to fight to get prize sounds extremely fair to me. Unlike resetting people every month so they can’t make progress