I didn't get my reward after tournament


I didn’t get my reward after tournament

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Haven't received tournament reward

It’s takes a few days for them tally everything and send out rewards.


Theyve came out Friday the last 2 times


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hey has anyone gotten there rewards from last tournament I was above 2500 it said we were getting rewards I haven’t received one yet has anyone?


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This is the first tournament that I have gotten to partake in. Thank you Ludia for lower the trophy level to join in, but when do we get the rewards?


When you spend money and become VIP, then Ludia will give you the tournament prize :wink:


They came out friday for the first 2 tournaments. So probavly tm


Hey people,

I am wonderimg when will we receive our rewards after tournament… I a waiting excited to receive in my postbox but days passed and still nothing.

May I get any info about it?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Usually Friday i believe


Does anyone know when the tournament prizes will be given out?


I cant tell you when we get it, but i remember ludias favorit word…


Just ignor my irrelevant comment sorry…


Last 2 were given out friday


Guess I’ll hope for this Friday then! Thanks!


Tournament ended on Monday. Where are the prizes?


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Same situation with me


I hate to repeat what a been said here four times already but you should get it sometime today


I am VIP and still no reward :wink:


Oh man, I’m sorry for you. Must be anothet bug :wink: