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I didn't want to buy a 1,000 incubator

Ludia, this is for you, I was climbing to suchotator without looking, since it is very heavy, and suddenly, I see and it makes me buy blue incubator in the store, I did not want to buy, at no time let me do it back in the purchase. How can I do, to have my 1000 return tickets. ?

I’m so sorry for you, you’ve fallen into Ludia’s trap. Nothing will bring you back the important bills spent on junk DNA. In my case, it was not one, according to Ludia I bought two disgusting crap incubators in the same minute, 2000 tickets that cost a lot to win thrown away.


I am 2x times victim of unintentional 5K cash incubators. Nothing can be done by Ludia in this regard :frowning:

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Check the other Ludia game forums, they have the other games set-up with the same traps.

Some say inept programming. I don’t see it that way.


I, I no longer ask for my 1,000 bills to be returned, what I would like is for there to be a return button. or a way of saying are you sure to buy this? Yes or no. That should be mandatory in all games that there are stores to buy. Thank you.


Not inept. Fully intentional. If it were a mistake, they would refund mistaken purchases and make it more difficult to spend cash by accident.


when you look at the forums for other ludia games, like arena imbalance, too easy to make accidental purchases etc etc you must wonder if it is by error/incompetence, or if it is in fact deliberate.

if it is an error, then why do they never fix it?
if it is incompetence then how can they create a functioning game at all?
if it is deliberate, why do we still play when they make a mockery of us? lol


They have a lot on their hands.
Despite the fact that they’re in it for the money, they still have a fan base, and millions of players to take care of.
Ludia constantly fixing bugs. Just give them time.


This almost sounds like sarcasm, yet you sound hopeful they will fix this.

I have no doubt it is fully intentional.

They’ve had plenty of complaints, so they are aware.

They’ve had plenty of time and opportunity with many updates since the first complaints.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not “accidental” bad design.


No, but game developing is hard. You should try it lol.
But yeah, they could be doing a lot better.

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I’m a programmer, but not game programming.

They sure have a lot of stuff to fix, and some of these will probably not be fixed any time soon:


Another morning that starts badly.
I arrive by car at the station and park the car
I open the game to see if there are any interesting creatures. Only one Dimetrodon gen 2.
I leave my cell phone in the passenger seat while I take off my seat belt.
I take the phone and on screen there is a beautiful epic aroma capsule … and 1,400 notes have become 400.

At least this time it has been a capsule that has some utility and not a useless incubator.

The versions pass, things “so demanded” (ironic mode on) with the blood are added, but this annoying mistake continues to annoy the players’ lives. Because I want to think that it is a “mistake” and that it is not something voluntary … although sometimes it is difficult to think about it.

That’s what I like to here!