I do not know if tests are being done but I am very angry

Whoever has read my messages so far will have seen that they are always in a good mood but now I am terribly angry.

I have been suffering from Monomimus for months. This bad bug was capable of destroying all my equipment. When I put the immunity this always worked especially on the first hit and usually on both. Facing a Monominus of a moderately high rank (18 or more) was synonymous with losing game.

I am a mathematician and it made me very angry to see that the laws of possibility would not work with this chicken and that 50% of evasion would end up becoming 80% or higher.

Yesterday, thanks to the event, I managed to have a Monomimus at level 18 and put it into operation. In the first match the opponent hit me the first shot, failed the second and finished me in the third. I thought “good, bad luck”.

Then came two clashes in both cases against an Ankylosauro and both times he hit me on both attempts and killed me. 4 hits in a row. I thought “really very bad luck because this should only happen once every 16 attempts” assuming it was 50% (and not 80% as was my experience as a sufferer).

Those two defeats made me put in 4253 and they forced me to stop playing until the end of the tournament.

When Is finished the tournament and with empty boxes of incubators I started to fight … I took the Monominus in front of a Stegoceratops … it has given me both times and died … it was starting to be very bad humor. I have done a second fight … in this case I do not remember the rival of the anger I was wearing but h did not have any kind of Nullyfing … two blows and dead.

I repeat, I am a mathematician and I know that the possibility of 8 hits in a row exists. In particular, it can happen once every 256 … but after months without having been able to give a monominus twice in a row … I get it eight times in a row ???

I will look to calm down but it will not be easy.

Sorry, today I can not have the usual good mood.

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As a mathematician, you of all people should know probabilities can be skewed all sorts of ways. Especially when the sample size is low, which is just your few battles. But hey cheer up, at least you made the tournament cut.


You missed a bunch of times when facing Monomimus? And you leveled up yours and everyone seems to hit it?

Perhaps your bad luck is offsetting their good luck. :wink:

I know the feeling. I resort to using evasive if and only if I have no other option for winning. Leave it to a 50/50 roll when I’m out of options. Not when I begin fighting. Two hits kills mono anyways for most dinos. Not like missing one extra is really worth the lost turn of damage.

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The problem is not that they hit me 8 times in a row. That is very bad luck but as I said it can happen and, as it says, RimShaker, the sample is reduced. The problem is the tens if not hundreds of times that I have faced a Monominus the last times and not being able to remember a single time that my first blow entered. I can remember many combats in which a single Monominus was able to destroy my entire team because none of the 6 given hits was capable of hitting the target. That, it is almost impossible that it is a matter of luck and I think it was a positive discrimination that is not the only one in the game either.

I only ask Ludia to leave exactly the percentage of chance to the blows that her description has.

With a 50% evasion Monominus is simply a very good legendary. With 80% evasion as in recent months it becomes a good Unic and that is why it is practically in all the Top 500 teams. If your percentage of evasion drops by much 50% it would become a legendary regular.

It is simply about knowing the real options to be able to fight with known norms.

My mono sucks, it never evades and never ever crits.

Confirmation bias…


This could explain the first 4 blows received after the entrance of the Ankylosauro with which the 8 consecutive hits received could go to 4 …

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I have just recently gotten mono and indoraptor. Now when facing these they always doge but mine rarely dodges. With indo, irex and mono every1 got hit and not 1 dodged within 7 moves. I have had a lot of succesfuls with Irex when I first unlocked him but these days i find many games were he does not and that stand off between yours and their Irex. First to dodge wins lol.

It is the most frustrating aspect of this game. I hate that it comes down to chance more tikes than not. I wish there was more to the system than a 50% chance to dodge lol.

never kept stats, but it seems like monomimus doesn’t let me down near as often as IREX and indoraptor do. each RNG dice roll is it’s own independent event though, and at 50% it’s a coin flip. just because it was heads first doesn’t mean it will be tails next. it could be 100 heads in a row.

i’ve had IREX dodge me 6/6 in a game, stegoceratops stun me 6 times in a row, taken 3 straight 5% critical hits, etc. the RNG is wild sometimes. i’d love to see the source code though. sometimes it seems like there’s no difference between 1% and 99% chance. they just need to be able to show that something is possible to happen and they make it happen whenever they feel like it.


So, I’ll give you my best advice here… hopefully it helps. Don’t rely on the dodge feature. Build your team to counter dodging creatures since they are so prevalent. Monomimus shouldnt be a starter for you but rather a counter play. It’s immunity and moveset lend it as a great pick to nullify others cloaking. It does specifically well against indo raptor… especially if the opponent brought indo in and used cleansing impact to kill your previous dino.

Yes, dodges can be annoying but if you build your team to not rely on them… you can consistently win unless the opponent dodge 3 straight times. Even one hit can bring indo down enough that a monomimus can come in and nullify impact to kill.

One problem you are definitely having is the one WE ALL HAVE. TRex and raptor dna is far easier to obtain than mono or sino or a ludicrous amount of other epics. This means indo rex and indo raptor are typically higher level than your counters… meaning they can survive more hits and kill faster due to bolstered stats.

The game is designed to be fair and balanced for same level Dino’s… but is intentionally designed to give active/paying players an advantage with high level Dino’s overpowering even their counters if the level gap is wide enough. this encourages players to buy coins and play more often to over level their Dino’s.

For me the issue is that the dinos are well designed to be even, although some stand out from others. For example, the monomimus has almost all the important powers (speed, powerful blow, immunity, anti-effects … and also the possibility of dodging). Even so, it has its weaknesses and counting that it dodges 50% of the blows is vilnerable. On the other hand, it competes for the difficult DNA of Monolophosauro with the Monostegotops. When someone has enough Monolophosaurus DNA to create one of the two creatures you should evaluate the characteristics of both creatures and they could be comparable but … if your experience in the game comes into play and for months you have seen that the percentage Dodge is closer to 80% than 50%, your parameters may vary. I only comment and ask is that really the blows that depend on chance … depend on chance! Because if not when I lose after 6 dodges followed twice the same night I think that mathematically is almost impossible (although in statistics there is almost nothing impossible) and when I win I think the same … and if at some point I think that Many games are decided in advance both for and against, the game loses all its charm.

And it is not a question of losing or winning, but of competing. A few days ago a player gave me a sovereign lesson. With a team very inferior to mine but changing at the perfect moment and calculating exactly the damage of my shots and his, he won. And when I finished the game I screamed Bravo !!! and I asked him for friendship (which I had never done before and never did again).

By the way, notice that I have not spoken at any time Indominus or Indoraptor because my gaming experience is that they avoid the gope approximately the percentage they should (50%)

my death ostrich did not join my team untill level 20 and i never really felt comfortable with her untill about level 22. her damage now is almost enough to go blow for blow with some dinos so ill always look to fight before usung evasive. shes a good counter to cloakers, and her immunity is a good counter against DoT and stunners. please, before you complain, put actual time and work into it to get a more experienced opinion. the evasive will work for you but it is a 50/50.

I recommend using Monomimus as one of the last fighters and against creatures that are weak against it. It’s good against Indoraptor, Indominus, some slower Raptors, Paramoloch…
Against tanks I would only use it if there are no other (better) options.

haha i sometimes open with her.

Well, if that’s working for you, why not?

50% of the time :grin:

Technically, it’s exactly 50% since a failed attack for you is a successful dodge for your opponent. And vice versa.

The problem is that the programmers must have entered your screen name into a special algorithm in the code that ensure you specifically are getting worse odds.

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I want to understand that the comment is in “joke mode”. I am not saying that I have bad luck. I am saying that not all blows at certain times have the percentage of probability that is supposed. For example, my beloved gorgosuchus, that I keep in the team despite having APex of the same level, for a while it was critical almost half of the time, when its percentage should be 20%. And in that case it favored me. I have not done statistics in all cases, but I’m going to start doing them.

Bahaha! Beat me to it, glad I read further down before I replied :joy:

Joking aside and I don’t want to derail the conversation, but confirmation bias is very real and even dangerous-it leads to things like not vaccinating your children because someone said it causes autism… I personally won’t believe the sky is blue without a double-blind study.