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I do not like this update

Why would you put in these major changes to creatures and not reset the campaign and allow the seasoned players a chance to learn the new strategies. There’s not enough time in the arena to figure out what resistances your opponent has.

Ludia, you crammed way too much change into this update. I focused on building up the arena team I have and now they have all been changed so much that they have been rendered useless. Nothing else I have is strong enough to contend with others in my arena.

If you’re going to change Indoraptor Gen 2 then give it Precise Pounce, an attack it would have, should have inherited from Blue.
Most EVERYTHING removes cloak now so that’s been turned into a pointless move.

And something someone else pointed out is spot on. You gave us bosses to raid, but nerfed our best creatures! Why would you do that?

I’m the leader of an Alliance and I don’t know what to tell my Alliance. I hate feeling helpless.

I’ve been with this game since it’s launch. Ludia turned greatness into garbage and garbage belongs in the trash. Veterans of the game, is it time to take out the trash? Is it time to drop this game? I am petitioning for restoration! Get rid of this horrible, horrible update. It was already better than Pokémon Go. It was already a great game. I dumped Pokémon Go for this game.

As for you Ludia, I play War Dragons. Pocket Gems listens and caters to the Veterans of its game. Will you listen and cater to the veterans of your game? I really don’t want to play this game anymore and a lot of other veterans are saying the same.


Yea I payed for VIP and I’m not sure if I want to continue. My son (5) loves the game but thinking about getting rid of VIP. Too complicated and not well put together imo. Too many resistances, half resistances, And have completely nerfed every good Dino. Having rares and even commons completely detroy and render legendaries, makes me frustrated, not with my own gameplay but with abilities and moves with too many specs.


I concur. There are too many moves and abilities to keep up with. Also at my level the two Dino’s that are running things is tryko and max. I had a boosted tryko takeout 3 Dino’s effortlessly. Can’t believe they gave it decel.

I get your complaints kind of but this is a great game I’m also a veteran and been with the game since it’s launch and I still love it. I kinda got to admit that i dislike these complaint posts. I get it that you won’t to voice your opinion but it seems like everywhere I look on this forum it’s complaint after complaint. I’d much prefer seeing more uplifting things about this game not how the company’s failed. yes there’s lots of changes but everyone was asking for big changes and now that they’re here everyone’s angry. My team became nearly useless but I also had some of my favorite creatures make a comeback so I can use them. so in conclusion this update has good things and bad things but the good outweighs the bads so possibly with these new changes we’ll be seeing less complaints and more thanks to the devs and ludia for giving us this great update so fast


Do I count as a veteran?
I think I do. . .
I like the update so far lol.


Reset the Campaign?! BRILLIANT!!
They’ll do that next update surely…

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:flushed: wow…cringe

You are def an OG :muscle:

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This was the worst update in the history of updates!!! I get everyone was asking for changes, but you took it too far. You guys are trying way too hard. You tell us we can’t talk during a raid but if we can’t communicate during a raid that’s unbeatable already how are we suppose to even have a shot. You made legendary Dino’s all suck and made everything so confusing idk who does what and made my entire team trash!! The whole dynamic of the game is different and you already had a great game I just don’t understand it. Here’s what you should do, immediately change every Dino back to how they were, make the raids hard but not impossible to beat cuz the Morten rex is so dumb I need 15 guys wit me to have a chance!!! make new campaign levels and addd more and more Dino’s with better rewards and tournaments. The raid is a good idea but there’s gotta be communication between teammates and you can’t have a level 30 Dino with 45000 health and 5000 attack with 2 body guards and then we can only be level 20 with garbage Dino’s!! It’s so bad… you guys should be ashamed. Who ever decided this was the route you were going should be fired immediately. I’m deleting this game and my vip subscription. If you guys come to ur senses lemme know and I’ll download it again.


Just incase you guys at Ludia didn’t understand, I’ve had everyone in my alliance, all 50 tell me your update is terrible!!! My 9 yr old nephew and 6 year old son who loved this game deleted it immediately and have had it since you guys started. This update was so sad tht a 6 year old couldn’t even forgive it and deleted it 10 mins after the update was finished. You guys are going to regret this, so do the right thing and give us the game back we all loved cuz no ones going to enjoy this!!!


At least revert the changes to the dinos attacks and abilities. Your attempts to balance make everything a lot worse. The game was fine before, although the raid idea sounds interesting


The update is amounted to the paying customer! Everything changed! This is not usually!

I don’t think there is much we can really say about this update until people have given the new battling time to settle in. Most of the complaints seem to be about everything changing too quick to keep up with. Thats fair comment, but you cant do it slowly. You’ve just gotta rip that plaster off in one go and take the pain.

Personally, I don’t do arena anymore and nothing in this update changed the reasons why so thats all a bit meh. I’ve got a handful of creatures to make which is nice, and the raid system is an interesting addition with significant problems. Not only is the invite system shonky, but it requires far more communication than the app can handle. Thats not working at all. Secondly 300 DNA at 10 a week for Morty is a heck of a grind - even if some weeks are a bit more. Thirdly, it really isn’t worth redoing a raid. This can be a bit of a problem with players needing a hand in the alliance. Yeah, you can argue that you do it for the good of the group, but a couple of our better players babysat some of us through a few raids yesterday and better rewards than 100 DNA total would be nicer.

We knew Ludia was going to change the meta completely. Now we are shocked it happened. There is no slow shift of meta without Ludia either refunding boosts every update which limits their earning and also makes the game stagnant.

I find arena the same in terms of triggering because i have very poor understanding of advanced JWA strategy so getting mulched by a surprise move is quite annoying.

The changes bring new opportunities for players to catch up and strategise. With Raids dominating, many players arent playing arena much so that gives everyone a chance to understand their own play style and create a team to suit that style.

If we are talking about bugs then i agree its still buggy.


So glad it’s not just me that isn’t overly keen on this version. Pretty much struggling with all the points mentioned in this post. I am not having much fun with the game at all just now :frowning:


Exactly! I will do the same. I just really hope they come to their senses. It was a great game and my one year old son loved to watch me playing it. I was hoping to go to hunt dinosaurs with him, when he is older. All that hope is now shattered to pieces.

I have to disagree with the poster and all these complainers. I’m maybe not a veteran, started playing a year ago give or take a few months, but I managed to build up a pretty decent team. And I was still stuck at the end of Aviary, ot occasionally in the library for some brief battles, because sooner or later the game started to give me enemies with all their dinos being 5-6 lvs higher than mine, all of them boosted to the starry sky, and I couldn’t even touch those creatures, no matter any tactics.

Now, after the update, sure it must’ve also helped that I could reorganize my boosts, and I did have to make changes to my team, but suddenly I’m feeling the battles much more tactical even against the stronger opponents, and slowly but surely, I started to move up again in the arena. Sure there’s many new resistances, and attacks to be learned, but that’s not an impossible thing, nor should it be hard for someone, who has been in the game long enough, and already had a competitive team.

So I don’t know maybe I’m a genius, or maybe I’m just simply willing to learn the new battle system, but the update definitely did not set me back in the arena, but helped me, and I quite like it. In my opinion, Ludia did a great job. :slight_smile:


What I would say is, give the new update a chance to run and let Ludia fix the bugs with raid.

I find this update was what I expected. Shakes up the meta and allows more tactical and strategic planning of teams.

I dun like it because its different but i intend to adapt. Understanding what has what moves and how the affect gameplay takes time. The top players are.equally rocked and are learning too.

Being too comfortable with a meta is why 2.0 was needed. To allow things to work.


Don’t think you can call someone names because they preferred the game before, the one they spent hours building a team they liked, the same as it’s fine to like the new version… I quite like some of the changes, not sure about others. One thing the boss raids has improved is the amount of people chatting in our alliance

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Agreed it doesn’t take that much difficulty to figure out new strategies it’s pretty simple and is still as fun as ever

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