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I do not need metrodon nerfed, do not nerf

do not nerf metrodon pleease


You don’t but others do. It’s resistances are out of whack and a part of its moveset doesnt make sense.

And keep quiet about the “it can easily be countered”, because no it can’t. In an even playing field it sucks but when its boosted it absolutely demolishes anything its comes across, unboosted isn’t how this game is played in the higher arenas


so the problem isnt “monolometrodon is OP!” or “Thor is a god!” but “BOOSTS ARE THE WORST”


lidia should remover boosts


Do you think boosts are ever going to be removed? Me neither, its how it is and to compensate some necessary things have to be done

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before u all were like, buff metrodon, now u want it nerfed? it always had this movesets.

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cant really do that with out them going under. thats not them loosing their money maker. its them getting potentially taken to court.

and even with tht, it was wayy to wak, everything bet it

No it didn’t, how long have you been playing for?

It had all impacts and no stats, and Ludia needs to buff creatures in a correct way, its been buffed too much so it needs to be toned down


well, they removed weekly incubators…
so why not boosts?
If we are lucky maybe theywill remove s-r spawns

Weekly incubaters were only added because of the situation now thats its gone it should be removed

few months?

and it needs to beat i rex, then how about remove i rex cloack?

i.rex cloak is canon
I rex is just Trex without cloak


they can just ay its our versoin of i rrx

It still beats i rex any ways :moyai:

Nothing convinces me that something doesn’t need a nerf like a post begging to not nerf it…


also, i rex should be losing to blue, it litteraly demolishshes blue

this is sarcasm right…

then t rex should beat everything.

can’t happen when a game needs balanced.