I do not need metrodon nerfed, do not nerf

[laughs in mosasaur]

Only 128? That speed ties spyx, rinex and other magnas and it’s faster than smilo. Erlidom is nowhere to be seen in the high ladder, same with phos. Only somewhat relevant creature that outright outspeeds it is orion. That alone is a substantial difference, since metrodon will just get wrecked by any of these (and most importantly, magnas). If the power gap between the two was small, metrodon would have been used in the unique tourney too, while it wasn’t even that great in the legendary tourney. In arena the gap may be smaller, but it still is a direct downgrade from magna

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it’s different in tournaments, and i don’t really think comparisions on what is better should be done with skill tournaments, we play pvp daily (not all) but tournament and specially skill tournament 2 or 3 times a month, and boosts change a lot to the meta, in pvp since monolometrodon it’s easier to make and lvl than magna it looks like it could be better than magna, and somehow it’s easier to boost


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The problem is, that arena is really hard to balance, and the main issue is that boosts themselves are unbalanced. So using skill tourneys as a baseline is the best we got imo, since arena is really chaotic. Most dinos that cause problems in the lower arenas do so due to speed boosts, since most of the teams there are not developed enough to handle them, but they are not really a problem higher up, where everyone plays in similar conditions. So unless boosts are somehow rebalanced, arena will keep having the same problems over and over.
(Btw metrodon and magna use almost exactly the same builds, don’t see how one is easier to boost than the other)

This is where I would link my topic that proposes arenas that are boost and level locked…as well as a topic proposal to make boost redistribution possible through gradual adjustment.
See here for arena change:Level and Boost Cap Lower Arenas
See here for boost redistribution: Add Boost Redistribution System

Go to ur topic, to the top intro whatever its called, click the chain icon next to the heart, then copy the link that will pop up into the reply, I think that’s how it may work

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i do think that boosts should be rebalanced specially speed boosts, but creatures too, and the example of this thread is monolometrodon and magna, the difference between their stats is minimun for example metrodon needs 2 speed boosts to outspeed magna and 2 atack boosts to have more damage while magna needs 4 hp boosts to have more hp than metrodon, is basically the same except that you can have a better boost distribution on metrodon than magna (and as i at least see the best difference between magna and metrodon is speed, but is speed really better than having more hp?, i don’t really think so, and that’s what happens with cunning somehow).

It is better to have that extra speed when making a speedster build. You won’t be focusing on hp anyway, and that extra speed and damage will make magna hit the desired speed tier more easily, leaving more space for damage boosts (Ends up with +170 more damage at the same speed). What you’re saying only happens when making a tank buster build, then the difference is negligible, but magna is still the better option since it has a good move rotation and a higher crit chance. So no, a bit of extra HP for less speed and damage is not really a good trade for a cunning and hurts its build possibilities

i just noticed that it depends on how you want to play, and all i say is based on what i see, i’m still in aviary with lvls 21-24 and i face a lot of metrodons super boosted of lvl 28, and i hardly face any magna and if yes it’s like lvl 23-22, for what i see metrodon maybe it’s not better than magna but it’s almost there and for the rarity and how easy to lvl it’s a problem lol.

Yeah it’s for sure too easy to level, that I fully agree with. Personally, I’m in gyro, and almost every metrodon I see is lvl 30 max boosted, same with magna. And can tell you that at this level, magna is definetly better than metro. Metro may not be bad, but it’s way easier to deal with since it gets stuck too easily on that horrible turn 3, and often gets forced to waste the rampage on a situation where magna could kill with 2 impacts. 20% crit chance on magna is also a bigger deal than everyone seems to think, can make it win some otherwise impossible matchups


Imo it’s more about the fact that metro is the “poor man’s magna” that presents the greatest issue. It needs less resistances so it’s more vulnerable across the board. Magna is top tier, and mono should not be, it’s as simple as that. I think we agree on this front? It’s like saying procerata isn’t as good as indo gen 2 pre 2.0 as an argument for why procerata shouldn’t get nerfed…


No boosted, like seirously, who would boost a pyroraptor, lvl 16

who, knows… some people just would

If procerata went back to before now it would be just fine considering everything is resilient now even the chompers like tryko tenrex and dio

Its physically impossible for any level 16 pyroraptor to 1 shot your Monolometerodon, or even really get close unless they crit. Your Monolometerodon had 3126 hp, and the most that pyroraptor can do is 2578, and that’s if every possible boost is put into attack.


Its doable with 16 attack boosts and a crit

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I knew you exagerrated it hah.that was very obvious.

A crit would kill, and since the pyroraptor supposedly almost killed Monolometerodon, the story is plausible if the pyroraptor crit with less attack boosts (which is more likely).

That said, this actually shows how strong Monolometerodon really is. There isn’t much difference between 400 HP and 1 HP in terms of turns to kill, so as long as Monolometerodon has enough HP to avoid being 1 shot, all it would need would be enough speed boosts to attack the opponent first to beat many relevant cunnings.

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but metrodon has low health, ive put like 5 boosts and it still does not even have 3k hp