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I do not need metrodon nerfed, do not nerf

Because thats simply it’s build alloraptor can also kill basicly any resilient(exept diplo wich i realy hate) and has way more hp then velo as well as a better move set can velo do that? If they buff alloraptor so that it doesen’t get killed by velo then it’s just gonna be OP, the thing is just because something is lower rarity doesen’t mean that it should be imposible for it to kill even certain legendarys

Actually Allo beats Diplo if DR isn’t up


Ye but ur forced to use CS to so it doesen’t kill u with DR and i’m not sure if RT would then kil it

Allo wins by Rampage, RT, so it can’t be hit by DR before that

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Wait does it have delay

DR has a one turn delay now

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You’re missing the point. The point is that the next creature only takes a Strike where it might otherwise take an Impact (in the case of Magna) or a Rampage.

Monolometerodon is a bit more likely to live long enough to execute that strike on turn three than Magna is to use it’s Impact, since it has more health. Magna is surprisingly squishy, so turn 3 damage is a somewhat moot point to me.

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Magna and Monolometrodon usually lose if they don’t KO their opponent in 2 hits. If they do, you get turn 3, which is what happens in most of their favourable matchups, and the favourable matchups are the reason you’re using the creature in the first place.

Monolometrodon has more HP, but Magna has more damage, critical chance and speed, so there isn’t much of a difference if you’re trying to boost them to the same stats.

Regardless, I don’t think the bad turn 3 is going to get people to drop it unless they have something better in that regard (i.e. Magna), and low level players obviously have nothing better that does the same stuff, so I think it’s irrelevant outside of the endgame, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad point in general.

It’s irrelevant in lower arenas, but not for the reason everyone seems to be saying it is.


Biggest issue with monolometriodon is that it does the exact same thing magna does but it’s easier to get max level with, easier to boost (naturally higher health than magna with only a slightly lower damage), and easier to play (nullify isn’t on a 2 turn CD). Many teams in aviary and lockwood profit immensely from having, in essence, 2 magna slots, especially when whale boosted. Does that mean it’s OP? No. But it needs tweaking.


I agree that it’s too easy to level, as I already said. But some people here keep repeating over and over that it’s better than magna, which is completely wrong and biased

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they not nerf it in 2.4. yayy!!!

lets be honest they nerf it in 2.5 or 2.6

not at alll it lives long, i put like 4 health boosts and it almost get 1 shotted by a pyroraptor

That argument actually stems from Monolo having an extra 300 health, which can actually swing matchups in its favor

Then your monolo must be very fragile.what lvl is ur metrodon?

Yeah I’m taking everything into account, magna is still better. There’s no way around it. The higher speed and better move rotation make it a much better dino. There was no Metrodons in the last unique tourney (top 50-100) yet practically every team had a magna. The number of matchups that metro wins due to the extra health is really small, and that lackluster speed hurts it too much

lvl 18. and it still dies

dont balme me, im a starter ok

So your saying that baryonyx gen 2 is better than the epic? Or T-Rex gen 2 is better than their epic counter part? Not all Gen 2 creatures are better than the Gen 1 counter parts