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I don’t have tapjoy rewards


Me and my friends have a discord and we talk in there about what tapjoy rewards they do for their free runes on Titan uprising but I don’t have it so I ask them where to find them and they said it’s where you find runes but when I go to the runes purchase area it isn’t there all it is the runes I can purchase and any offer that are on at the moment ludia please help because it will take me ages to get toothless and the light fury and I also can’t do much with my team right now because I need to get drafts but I can’t afford them


It’s the free runes one, if you don’t have it contact them


If I try Tapjoy at work or won’t be there because it is filtered. So make sure you’re not on a network that would filter it out

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My daughter is having the same issue. My husband and I have the free rune offers, but hers are all purchase offers. The “free” option simply isn’t there. I wonder if age is an issue???


Hey Lisababe0727, if your daughter’s game account doesn’t meet the age requirements, it is possible that some in-game offers would not be available. If you’re still having concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your daughter’s support key and our team can take a closer look.