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“I don’t wanna play with you anymore”

Hello, everybody. Now, what I’m going to say may not be something everyone can agree with, but I just am going to say that I am really bored of this game as of lately. Broken tournaments, nothing to do, no good events, etc. I’m thinking about quitting. This used to be my favorite game that I’d play every day, but I guess that’s changed. Anyone else agree?


100% agree


I wish you well on your future endeavors.

I can understand why people are quitting. The combination of unfair matchmaking, boosts, bad events with bad rewards, horrible tournaments like what’s going right now and ludia refusing to fix any bugs that don’t hurt them is currently killing the game. After this next update if nothing changes I’m going super casual. And i know a LOT of people are going to quit so if ludia doesn’t kick it into high gear they’re gonna lose a ton of money (bet that got their attention)


I wouldn’t count on this update really. Like I see quite a few are counting on it to make or break. But I wouldn’t do that personally. I mean its a good thing, maybe to apply real pressure. But I just don’t get my hopes up.

I personally feel they will nerf creatures that don’t need it and buff there boost sales reps. I already unsubbed vip so I feel better. But I just did that because I looked at the tourney schedule. ProRat central is not worth paying my monthly vip. Yeah let’s pay to be stomped by players who decided to get a lvl 30 rat with all maxxed boosts.

What I’m saying is its good to apply pressure like that. So they can see. But don’t be shocked so hard. This game has proved many times.


I’m hoping for the best but I’ve braced myself mentally for disappointment


Plan on quitting soon. Doesn’t help that we still haven’t gotten patch notes


Because tbh, i looked forward to playing this game every day seeing what i could do and how i could improve my team. But now I’m just wanting to get my battles done, fill up requests and close out. Quite sad really

I pretty much don’t hunt anymore. Luckily, I only put creatures on my team that I enjoy using. It allows me to gather and use dna however I want. It also keeps battling fun for me, and always has.
Sometimes I’m just super lazy and don’t do anything lol.
There’s days where I’ll go into the arena and just press buttons while I watch tv or play Pokémon. Then there are days when I want to win every single match I play.
It’s my game, and I play however will make it a good time.


I think that’s the part a lot of people don’t seem to remind themselves often enough.
In terms of battling - Arena, Tournaments, Campaign missions, friendlies or strike towers. You have enough options to ignore most and still enjoy some battles.
Darting? We have a calendar for featured creatures, known spawns for specific locals, times of day and week of the day. Or simply go for a walk and enjoy the surprise factor. Again, you can ignore most options present to you, and still be left with something to enjoy.
DNA collection? You are free to prioritize completing the dinodex or going for lvl 30 for any creature of your choosing. Or any combination of those.

Or you can just take the day off.

I would say though, if you want to enjoy the benefits of being in an alliance, it’s reasonable expectation
to do your Tournament takedowns for the Alliance Championship. Other than that, playing the game the way you enjoy it will already contribute to the Alliance missions.


To be quite honest, I feel like quitting, but I’m still hanging there for my alliance

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I’m with you

Im in the lower end of library and facing crap like this…so im right there with you.

I can’t quit now! I just got my Thor to level 30 to troll the low arenas!