I don't enjoy complaining!

In all my (almost 25) years gaming, I’ve never complained about a game nearly as much as I’ve complained about Lovelink, and it’s not because I want to, it’s because Ludia is so out of touch that I’ve had to.

To paraphrase Loki: I don’t enjoy complaining, I don’t enjoy it. I do it because I have to, because I’ve had to


I’ve never seen a company disregard what its customers want so blatantly. It’s like they are asking to go belly up. It’s crazy


I agree to a point but it got tiring so I gave up

I do find it a bit tiring sometimes, but I’m too stubborn to stop

I get it I’m stubborn as well but it just seems like they don’t care as you said there’s only so much like you can do

IKR. If a major developer did what Ludia does, they would get so much flak for it, but somehow, Ludia seem to get away with it pretty much unscathed.


It’s like, I get it. You’re a small company. But you shouldn’t add more to a plate you haven’t finished.

Their priorities are very off. They need to get it together.

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Not only is Ludia’s handling of Lovelink frustrating for players I feel it’s also stunting Lovelink’s potential to be a great game

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Yeah, they really have a promising app, but they are definitely in their own way of it being great

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