I don't get my big reward ! (Tapjoy/ludia)

Well here is the new search for some ACTION !
I started an “offer mission” that was hard but well rewarded. Billionaire casino/Huuge with rewards for Level 50 250~
Level 70 750 ~
Level 100 1000~
And 150 2500~
LEVEL 200 … 4104 ~ With a total of 8006 “green cash” … as you see I spend both hundreds of hours and also at least 50 And now the problem. I got the rewards for the four, 4 first parts of the "mission" . But of course I was fighting every day /night for the final reward. But nope... In 20 mail to tapjoy they suddenly say IHAVE GOT REWARDED . And now it's the bosses (owners) that have the case for ..."judging " and look my case up. Sorry for my language. Some glossary problem.. Well for making it shorter I have now got (3weeks+) the suggestion and final helping word to mail LUDIA for redemption and that they have to much to do.... Wrote to ludia so I can get my playmoney/ fake money . I Haven't seen the last 4108
Please do your part that I’ve done