I don't know if this is a glitch


I was on 4035 trophies
So I thought even if I lose I’ll still have another chance in arena 8.

8 lost and lost 36 trophies…

That in itself seems high

And then…

I win to go back into arena 8, and I got 11 trophies…

So from 4035, a loss followed by a win. And I’m on 4010…
How can I only get 11 trophies for a 3-1 win


I’m not sure exactly how the trophy score works, but I think you should be getting more than an 11? My last few matches has been in the 20-30s.


Twice in the past few days I got 11 as well. It really made me mad after losing to a Bot (2 level 20 Einis destroyed my team…I killed one, then another comes out! :angry:) wherein that lost cost me 39 trophies. 39!! So I get 11 on the next win? Not cool Ludia. Neither the double down on dinos or the way the trophies are calculated. 11?! Come on!