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I don't know what do to with those coins -_-

Sorry if it’s a re-post, but i’m looking on internet for that answer for almost 2 days and still doesn’t find it, I do find some answer, but only from old version of that game who say spend it to evolve your dinosaur, but now we need food not gold for it.

I would like to know the purpose of the gold coins ? Im level 17 and I have 1M in bank, food production always max ( when i’m in game ). Is there any other way to spend them : Expansion when lvl up, food production, buying structures ( there’s the 3 ways I found to spend them ).

Why did you give me a link for the general forum ? Maybe a link for a new topic for coins

Once you unlock the Trade Harbor and the Raptor Paddock, you’ll have no problem spending coins. There’s a whole giant thread on the Trade Harbor, discussing how to get good trades for coins, using coins to buy lots of Apato fossils (one of the best items to trade for DBs, etc.), getting legendary and hybrid dinosaur trades for coins, etc. And common and rare mods are purchased with coins (LOTS of them).