I don't know when or why, but it makes me happy

Out of nowhere I started to see more teams with Smilonemys 4/7 better players occupy it and it makes me very happy, and just looking at the tier lists of @Piere87 I see that she is not so bad after all, she is my favorite superhybrid and I know how good she is, but seeing her in high-ranking teams makes me enormously happy!

maybe many do not care, but I am happy and wanted to share my happiness


That list is compiled by an amazing group of players, but I personally run Nemys and I agree I love it! It has a couple of bad matchups, yes, but it can be very versatile and has saved me in many situations :grin:


I love that many players see her power and usefulness in her, she is beautiful and against Nitro Thor is a star :star:

Yeah, smilonemys is great. I have been facing in the arena more often and its really good, hoping I can actually unlock it soon with raids since I have no practically pachy DNA

Really? How?

you can get it’s dna when you defeat the boss i personally have 148 on hand and want to unlock smilo soon

I don’t think it’s bad, but the SI-S doesn’t rly work for the team I’m running

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I never use SIS unless it’s the only possible way I might be able to win lol. I actually like starting with it. Esp if I have DC or MRhino behind it.

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use PP and then he will believe that he is going to use RR, use DP 2 times in a row and Thor was eliminated (of course this is not 100%, but rather a 67% win)

This is my current team. I always like to use some of the newer creatures for a while.

My Team 20201127

Really sad to see It nerfed when It was perfect as It was :slightly_frowning_face:

It was perfect the way it was, I hope that doesn’t ruin it for the meta, once again with the stupid things of ludia

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